Welcome! I’m Kenisha Brown, Healing Coach & Beauty Pro of The Tony Mama. I enjoy helping others re-discover themselves through awareness of the mind, body and spirit. This trio is spoke of, but it isn’t always used together, nor for the highest good of humanity.

On my journey, I’ve learned that there isn’t just “one way” or a “one size fits all” philosophy. There are so many directions we’ve been pulled in life and the goal is for us to always choose a side. This is with politics, sexuality, religion, education, etc. I’m here to tell you that our world is so unique and imperfect that choosing one way creates false hope and limitations. Try to understand we were all created unique for a reason.

We can try to perfect the mind or body or spirit and it will never help an individual achieve a life of bliss and joy. This is why many celebrities have found their fame to be unpleasing. Some of the greatest have taken their own lives due to this lack of knowledge I’m sharing with you. For instance, we can focus on perfecting the outside body with Beauty services, plastic surgery and products, but it could never heal the actual body & spirit. On the other hand, we can have someone who takes pride in their body and mind. They can eat right and listen to affirmations for hours daily, but they too can be lost simply by being disconnected from their very existence, the spirit. All 3 of these work together and should be in sync with each other at all times.

I’m a firm believer in Beauty to look and feel your best. I’ve also learned that beauty services are temporary. I felt unfulfilled early in my Beauty career, because of this fact. My clients would visit me every 2 weeks to 2 months for services. Many of them would have low confidence when coming in the salon. These clients would leave feeling great with a boost in their self esteem. The next time I saw them it was the same reaction every. single. time. I wanted to touch my clients in a way that would build them from the inside out regardless of the physical state with their hair and skin. I wanted them to feel amazing no matter what. In 2015, I started offering beauty consulting services to help clients feel wonderful and think beyond beauty services.

Self love/self care starts within long before services and products can be appreciated. Being connected to another product or outside service will never help a person heal themselves. This only creates a chain of expenses that will never feed a person’s soul. I offer services that focus and heal within. Healing past traumas, past life patterns, belief systems and becoming aware of who we are at this time on the planet is priceless. I also offer beauty consulting to assist with making the right choices on selecting services and products.

My natural gifts, talents and credentials are listed in the “about” link. There you can learn more about me and my journey this lifetime on earth.

Use this site to learn the importance of one’s well being to be amazing on all levels. Fill yourself up with love and healing, and then give some away to the world. Love and compassion is needed now more than ever before. ♥️

I’m sending love, peace and light your way.

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