The Power of S-L-E-E-P


I was the type of person who said, “I’ll sleep when I die. My goals and dreams are too big to focus on sleep!” Yes, that was me until some things started to take place in my life. First thing is that I’m getting older. Second is God doesn’t operate on “human” time. Third is this. If you don’t get sleep, your body will give you signs that you’ll have no choice, but listen or die.

I decided to listen to my body. On a typical day, I’m up at 5:45am and don’t get to sleep until after midnight. So I’m working my business, taking care of the kids, being a wife, and all those other household duties in addition to any other crowns that must take place. My body was starting to break down on me. I was always sick, memory gone, and I knew my health wasn’t in the good shape it used to be. So for about 2 weeks,  I was doing things differently. I added sleep to my lifestyle. I make sure I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. A couple of weekends ago, I slept for about 10 hours! I woke up feeling like a champ! I didn’t need coffee, I had a lot of energy, I wasn’t yawning every hour, and so on. Overall, I noticed my body finally had the chance to heal itself.

 Have you noticed when you’re ill, your body is exhausted? Our body’s way of healing itself is literally sleep. Not medications, just authentic sleep.  Most ilnesses and diseases are summoned by poor diet, poor quality of sleep and stress. These 3 key ingredients is what seperates longevity and premature death. I’m taking control of my health. As for my goals and dreams, they will get accomplished in a timely manner that doesn’t involve me neglecting my health.

 FYI, this post is not to make a disclaimer or as a substitute to provide medical advice.

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