Experiencing Hair Breakage? Read This!

One thing I know for sure is when it comes to making corrections, whether it’s beauty or sales going back to the basics is a MUST. Here’s some simple tips I’ve learned & utilized over the years that repairs damaged hair. If you’re experiencing breakage, dry/brittle hair or your hair just needs a lift try this!

Protein treatments: Protein helps build and maintain strength. How often do you shampoo your hair? For instance, if you’re like me, I shampoo build up from my hair once a week. My scalp is sensitive so product build up is both annoying & causes my scalp to itch. Use a protein treatment after you shampoo your hair for 4 weeks. You will began to notice the strength in your hair coming back.

 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner: After you completed your 4 week protein treatments, start using a deep conditioner for another 4 weeks. This will help build and restore your tresses.

Protein builds up your hair and makes it strong. Too much protein isn’t good, because it causes breakage. So following up with a moisturizing deep conditioner, which softens the hair adds balance! End result? Healthy looking, healthy feeling & shiny hair in 2 months’ time!

I’ll post a list of protein treatments and deep conditioners just for you! Stay tuned.

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