I’m Detoxing & Eating Less Meat!

I’m still recovering from all the holidays’ feast (lol). How many of you can relate? I’ve basically found myself slipping big time and I’m back on my A game! So I’ve started to Detox & eat only 1-2 meat meal a day! Yes, it’s been a little challenging, but I’m determined to live a healthier lifestyle! It’s not just about getting fit before the summer, but it’s more like preparing myself to live a longer life. While focusing on exercise & watching what I consume, I also taken the time to get more sleep! Yes, sleep is a key to living a healthier life.

 I had a hospital scare a month ago. I was having chest pains that actually been going on since last spring off and on. I used to have these pains when I was a child, and it was weird to have this familiar pain in my adult life. So after experiencing sharp pains like these, I went to the ER. My blood pressure was elevated & I was exhausted. After getting an EKG, chest x-ray, urine tests, and about 15 blood test later I was willing to accept my fate and make positive changes if it weren’t too late. To make a long story short, All of my test came back negative! God heard my prayers! After this scare and a massive medical bill, I was going to do whatever it took to relieve my stress, get more sleep and have more “self love” for myself. I took control of my life!

 My suggestion to anyone that’s dealing with a similar situation is to get stress out of your life asap!

 #1 When we’re stressed, our body releases harmful chemicals that doesn’t resignate with our bodies. These chemicals effect our organs and causes illness.

 #2 Sleep a minimum of 8 hours at night. Think of your body as your cell phone. It needs to recharge to function or it will die. Our bodies are the same way. When we sleep, our body is in repair mode and re-energizes so we can perform properly.

 #3 Make time to exercise and eat more raw fruits and veggies! This is that step where you can’t just do one of the other. Our bodies needs the nutrients from mother nature to live longer. Exercising also helps our bodies stay in good shape.

 It’s all about living longer. Too many are dying of premature deaths when we can just go back to the basics! Use all three and spread the word to others! 0fcca294c9056f5b8c988b58dc8f1feb

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