Fit Mamas 90 Day Challenge! Are you in?

Barbell and kettlebell weights

Who do you know that would like to shed some extra pounds? Well if you’ve been trying to lose 10 or 50 pounds, this is the perfect time to join our community! Sometimes it’s difficult to stay committed to a workout routine or healthier eating habits when you’re doing so alone.

I putting together a support group of mothers who are fed up with holding on to those extra pounds and wants to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m very passionate about this, because I lost my mother at young age. Premature death is very high amongst Americans due to what we eat. Many of us don’t get enough water, exercise and/or oxygen that we need to live full lives. It’s so vital to act fast, take charge and set positive examples so others can follow in our footsteps. We only live this life once, so why do live it with limited mobility and medication if you can help it?

 How do you qualify for this challenge?

  1. People person who enjoys working and helping others

  2. Determination to stick with it no matter what ( this is so much bigger than us)

  3. Willing to sweat & keep going with baby on your hips

  4. Never Give UP!

What’s the benefits this 90 day challenge?

  • New Workout Plan (3-28 day challenges)

  • Access to products that enhance results at wholesale prices

  • Support via Google Hangout & Facebook page

 This challenge is for those who are willing to share and learn from one another and who would like to make new like minded friends.

Contact me via email at to learn more and sign up today. There’s no investment needed to join and start this plan. If you would like to enhance your results, I have access to great products that I use and have for whole sale price during this challenge.

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