Update: Fit Mamas Challenge Starts March 1st!


So if you were able to read my previous post, I’m on a mission to lose weight and build a small community of 5-10 ladies who are looking to be apart of something fantastic! Are you one of those mamas that have been trying to get fit, but haven’t been able to commit? Have you had little support on your health journey? If you can answer yes to one or both of these questions, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. They say birds of a feather flock together so working with like minded women, there’s no way you can not reach your goals!

This isn’t about who can lose the most weight. Whatever your individual goals are, it’s important not to compare yourself to others. I believe in staying in my own lane and knowing we can all conquer as long as we’re being consistent. So what should you expect during this challenge?

  • Post a before & after pic

  • Take your weight and measurements in inches

  • Complete 3-28 day fitness challenges that focuses on targeted areas

  • Support one another through short facebook page and Google Hangout

  • Share tasty recipes and snack ideas (if any)

  • Use It Works! Global enhancement products (optional)

 Are you ready to start seeing results and having a team cheering you on? Sign up by subscribing to this website or  e-mail me at missnishabee@gmail.com :-).

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