My 2 Day Results: Using Skinny Wraps from It Works!

I was speechless when I compared my my before and after photos! It’s been almost a week and I’m still amazed at my results! You see, I’ve gained weight and since I reached close to 200 lbs, I’m my fat began to store in the most unwanted areas. What I’ve noticed most is my belly. And if you’ve tried slimming this area before, it’s one of the most difficult places to lose but the fastest to gain. Belly fat can be dangerous to the body, because it sits with all of our main organs. Let’s not forget how annoying it can be. So This has been one of my struggling areas for almost 2 years. I was fed up and ready to do something about it. So along with making healthier eating choices and being consistent with physical activity, I’ve decided to try these skinny wraps! I’m thrilled with my results and will use one for the third time today! I will post photos on this process!

 So how does it work?

 Take before and after photos and if you can measure area in inches. Apply the applicator (skinny wrap) to the desired area you would like to tone. In my case, the focus is my belly. Smooth out the wrap in the entire area you’ll like to tone, make firmer or define. Next you will secure it with saran or it works fab wrap. Set a timer for 45 minutes and go on with your life! When the timer goes off, dispose the skinny wrap and rub the remaining product in like lotion. Take your measurements again, compare and enjoy!

 It’s that simple and I was amazed to see this drastic change in just 45 minutes to 2 days!!!

 I use It Works! Defining Gel with these wraps, because it helps maintain the results. And did I say drinking lots of water? It’s recommended to drink 1/2 one’s body weight everyday. Did you know that’s what doctors suggest anyway?

 It’s always wise to stay active by walking, running, exercising, you get my point :-). No matter how companies promote “lose weight sitting on your couch” our heart and organs need to stay strong through healthy food choices & physical activities. This is the only way to get the blood flowing through our bodies.

 How much are the wraps?

The wraps are $25 each, or $59 for a pack of 4 when you become a loyal customer. $99 to become a distributor and get wholesale prices!

 Are these products worth it?


Heck yeah! Read my story one more time! Remember, I only promote what I believe in. If it’s just a quick fix I’m not interested.

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