5 Ways to Find Strength Through It All

While completing this challenge, there will be obstacles. There will be times when you feel it’s completely unnecessary to keep going. You will also face times when others will have something negative to say about your progress. You can find strength by understanding this.

 #1 When it comes to accomplishments, they will not happen overnight

Please don’t weigh yourself or check your measurements frequently. Give yourself about 6-8 weeks into this challenge to see a difference. It’s one of those situations where you can’t expect everything to happen so fast. Do the work and know you’ll be able to see a difference in due time, but not right away.

 #2 Stay focused and only tell select people who truly support you

 I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about certain goals in my life, because some people just don’t get it. If getting fit is your ultimate priority at the moment, go for it and let no one or anything stop you. Misery loves to have someone to party with. So only talk to people who are happy for you. Our subconscious minds will pick up everything. So have selective hearing and have affirmations arounf your home, in your car and in your phone. Don’t let anyone take up space in your mind that doesn’t mean you well. This will only slow you down from reaching your goals.

 #3 Listen less to your brain & take more radical action

 Sometimes, well many times we over think. We think, think again and think some more when we could’ve just did it already. I’ve learned to get up and move. Tell your mind to shut up and get moving! Did you know we have over 60,000 thoughts a day? Now just imagine how much we can get accomplished if we spent more time moving around and less time thinking?

 #4 Don’t look back or contemplate on who you used to be in the past

 Your past does NOT define who you are today. Let me repeat that. Your past does NOT define who you are today. You could’ve been in a size 2 and now an 18. It doesn’t matter. It’s about being happy and grateful that you’ve been blessed to see another day. Once you thank the most high, go ahead and set your goals. Set realistic goals so you can reach them. You can be whoever you want to be if you BELIEVE!

 #5 Set Realistic Goals

 If you’re looking to lose 80 lbs, give yourself time to lose 80 pounds. It may take you  12-18 months more or less, but if you’re focused on a lifestyle change, you’ll be the one to maintain your results permanently versus someone who wanted a quick fix.


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