How To Stay True To Yourself


I’ve faced different challenges in my life. The most recent has been caring what others think of my life decisions. I was really doubting myself for a moment until I had to put myself in check and stay true to who I AM.

There was a point in time when I was soul searching & trying to figure out who “Nisha” is and who she feels comfortable being. At the same point in time, I’m open minded so I always have an ear to hear others’ opinions or wisdom. However, I was starting to feel myself going back into this fear listening to what others had to say about about my life decisions. So I decided to stay true to myself by saying this.

People are always going to have an opinion of what they believe is best for your life. Giving an explanation on my life choices to another human being is completely unnecessary, because I don’t need anyone’s permission to make the decisions I make. All that matters is that I have a private relationship with my higher power. That doesn’t need to be on broadcast to anyone.

The moral of the story is that you must do what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter who approve of your lifestyle. You have to live your life on your own terms and overcome every adversary you face. You will go crazy trying to live your life based on what someone else think is best for you. I tried and was completely miserable. I know who I Am and will stay true to myself and encourage you to do the same.

Distance yourself from anyone who feels like it’s necessary to down play your decisions when you feel you’re doing the best for yourself and/or your family. We all need people who see our vision and wants the absolute best for us present in our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to get this kind of support from a stranger who later becomes a friend. Being awake in a dead society is difficult, but there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Always be real with yourself, never settle and go for yours!

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