Spring, Life & Self Worth


It’s officially spring! I’ve been amazed by how beautiful and colorful it is outside. This made me realize some things. We have four seasons each year. We see spring transition to summer, summer transition to fall and fall to winter. I’m fascinated with this, because the seasons are always changing. The world is always changing. So why are we as humans content with holding on to the same possessions, environments, jobs or friends, excuses etc. when we’re in a forever changing world?

I’ve decided to make changes in my life. I’ve decided to be the person I was created to be and surround myself around kindred spirits who share similar interest as I do. I made the decision to not externalize my energy to  spirits who can’t comprehend my self worth. I’m leaving my past exactly where it is which is behind me. I will live in the present moment while building a legacy for my children & grandchildren.

Life is so precious & can’t be bought. My God daughter born over the weekend and all I can think of is how life is a priceless gift that should be celebrated everyday! We’re in a new refreshed season. Think of how you can adapt to change & pursue a greater fulfilling life.

Nisha Bee

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