It’s Day 28 Of Our Fit Mama Challenge!!!


It’s Day 28 of our 90 Day Fit Mama Challenge! My muscles are tight! I don’t see results yet, but I know they are coming! One thing that feels great is shopping for a size 11/12 instead of a 12/14!!! The whole purpose of me putting this challenge together was to create a community of Mamas who were serious about losing weight, eating better and building stronger families through health and wellness!

I’m not a Dietician nor Fitness Instructor. However, I spent over 15 years working out, playing sports, dieting and exercising. I’ve reached my goals and others times I didn’t. I’ve used diet pills and tried intense dieting. At some point of time, worked out extremely hard and did very little dieting and still lost weight. Other times I ate 500 calories a day and lost a ton of weight. Then I gained it all back! I’ve educated myself on the body and how it works to reach fitness goals and I’m always listening to professionals who have years in the industry. My point is that I’ve personally tried several techniques and have a clue of what works and what just doesn’t work.

After doing this for so long I’ve come to my own philosophy and it’s this. Eat in moderation, let go of the foods that aren’t serving me and stay ACTIVE! I have no set time when I want to lose my excess weight, but I demand a lifestyle to be my best self! There is still a little over 60 Days left in the challenge! Wanna create a better you with other moms who are on a similar mission? E-mail me:

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