Lock Arms With A Queen

“Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” ~Oprah 
What are you searching for? One thing I was searching for was a Mentor (who wore stilettos similar to mine) to take my hand and guide me through my business. The problem was I couldn’t find anyone like me. I was a single mom with very little support when I started my first business venture. Most mothers I shadowed in business had their parents, husbands or some other form of support to help them reach their success. I was really discouraged. Honestly, I felt like giving up at times.

What helped me conquer my fear of lacking a female Mentor and grow into the woman I am today? I accepted my circumstances, because I knew my journey was different from others. My story and situation was unique. I put on my crown and became the Queen I was always meant to be. I was created to help others identify their purpose in life. My purpose is to be of assistance to other Queens who once felt like me. To mentor individuals who know there is a way to build a substantial amount of income and who’s been praying for an opportunity to work on the go or from home. To help that mother spend more time with her beautiful children and/or husband who wishes she has more time for her family. The Mamas who face health complications due to obesity and need pure organic supplements to reverse their downfall.

In my purpose, I’m on a serious mission to change lives and build legacies for the generations to come. There’s no such thing as “I can’t, I don’t know or there’s nothing I can do.” When you’re hungry for change and ready to invest in a life you and your family deserve, there are no excuses!

Are you ready to see what this Queen has in store? Contact me via e-mail at buildwithnisha@gmail.com.

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