I’m Homeschooling This Year!


Not entirely, because I have help! Here’s my story :).

When it comes to being a mother, I strongly feel my sons should have the best options. I remember seeing parents ecstatic for winter, spring and summer break to end so they could send their children to these public schools, as if it’s a problem for their children to be home for an extended period of time. I will say this with full confidence. Children weren’t asked to be here! I understand everyone needs a break, but I don’t believe a school or the teachers should be babysitters.

I’ve taking time to learn about the school systems and why we must “abide” by these standards. With raising “awake” children, it’s very important to put the right influences in their lives. Just imagine if our parents were more awake and taught us to use our talents and passion while learning the necessary materials and basics of balance and discipline, just imagine how well off more of us would be? I look at our country and really think about how it could be if we were conditioned to be conquerors and not slaves.

This school year, I’ve decided to enroll my sons in Connections Academy. If you’re not familiar with this school, it’s basically a public school where your kids can learn from home or a lap top. I really like how the schedule is very flexible offering their students the flexibility that needed for their families. For instance, a child can be required to spend 20-25 hours a week learning online and and interacting with their teachers. They can work any day they want, whenever they want (of course under a parent’s supervision). My sons will have a deadline for homework and projects.There’s also live sessions where the students will be required to participate in class, field trips, clubs, etc. My sons have been in the Gifted and Talented program for 3 years and will be able to take advanced classes which is great!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that a child should learn in an environment where they can be social with other kids. This is true to some extent, but isn’t entirely the case. What I’ve noticed in schools that my sons attended is the students aren’t able to communicate with other students unless it’s before school, during recess, or activities that are school related. I’ve seen this in the schools countless times. Like, I enjoy planning and surprising my sons for lunch dates. I remember how the students weren’t even allowed to talk in the lunch room. It’s forbidden to talk while you should eat during a 20-30 minute lunch break. I’m positive my sons aren’t the only ones that have been disciplined for speaking during “learning or lunch time.”

There isn’t much of a difference here. My home schooled sons will not be anti-social. I have made arrangements for them to be in activities with children in their school. In addition, they will participate in sports and other activities that will help them along the way.

This option may not be beneficial to everyone, but it’s definitely a must for my family. Are you homeschooling? Have you made the decision to work your busy life around your family and not the other way around?




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