Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account


Social Media has both it’s ups and downs. One platform I was attached to was Facebook. I would literally spend a lot of time whether it was for business, personal or just getting caught in the videos that were going viral like all the time. I started my Facebook journey back in 2008 and been loyal with occasional breaks. I’m sure you may remember when Facebook was about reconnecting with old classmates, friends and family members. Nowadays, it’s totally different. It’s where many air their dirty laundry and vent when their boss piss them off. All isn’t bad, because there’s a lot of good vibes as well.

After being active for years, I started to watch how friends and family would only want to communicate by commenting on my posts or via messenger. I’m a hands on, prefer to build “real relationships” kinda spirit. I refuse to have a relationship with the ones I know  and love through “Facebook.” I’ve thought about discontinuing my account for years, but wasn’t ready to detach myself. I was too deep in to even think about leaving! I remember reading a post on Steve Pavlina’s blog some time ago. His post was about taking a break from social media. I’m actually at the point in my life where I feel this form of social media is something I MUST break from.

I’m proud to say that It’s been a month now since I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. It was difficult to at first, but it’s getting better! I’m more in tuned to what matters to me and spend less time in the world of Facebook! We all have our own challenges and distractions. Since I’ve been off of Facebook, I must admit that I’ve been more laid back and feel comfortable staying in my own lane. I’m loving the process of my life instead of following everyone else’s movie. I’ve been able to be more productive with my time and get the results I seek in my life. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. My goal is to stay deactivated for a whole year. I believe I can stick to this. I’ll keep you guys updated!




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