Kale Smoothie Gone Wrong!

This image was intended for the sake of this post and not the smoothie I personally made in my kitchen. Check below for my smoothie that didn’t come out so well 🙂

I love smoothies! I love them so much that I used to visit Smoothie King 5-6 times a week. My boys would have their fair share as well.  If you’ve been to this smoothie shop or a similar one, you’re familiar with how expensive it can become overtime. This is one reason why I began making my favorite snack/meal at home. The last time I visited was back in March of this year. I usually go through the drive thru, but decided to order inside the location this time. This was a new location in the Oak Lawn Dallas area, just a couple of minutes from where we lived before coming back to Vegas. I would usually order a berry smoothie or the Peanut Power Plus with Chocolate if I wanted a little more flavor. It tastes like resee cups and was a meal replacement smoothie which was something I took advantage of often.

I ordered and it was no problem as always. Just friendly service with my delicious smoothie in my hand. However, what I noticed was something that didn’t sit well with me. I ordered a berry smoothie & I noticed they used frozen fruits. I’m a fresh fruit kinda lady so it was a bit surprising to see I was paying about $7 plus tax for a smoothie that didn’t have fresh ingredients. There were no hard feelings with Smoothie King. I still enjoyed their services. I was a customer for 3 years. But this really made me think how would my smoothies turn out if I was to make them at home. Would I be satisfied? It was worth a try. After a few trial runs, I was able to create delicious smoothies. I bought Dole frozen fruit with strawberries, mangos, and pineapples with frozen yogurt a couple of times and loved it! Like I said, I’m not a huge fan of frozen fruit, so I was willing to give it a try on my own. I created all kind of shakes with natural ingredients and used only fresh fruits and vegetables! If I could catch a deal, these foods would be organic for sure. Here’s some images of the smoothies I’ve created.


Now here’s an image of the Kale smoothie I created. I used the simple foundation and built on it like I did my other smoothies, but this time it didn’t work. The presentation of this is beautiful, but the taste was horrible! Just being honest! I drop about a teaspoon of organic chia seeds in every smoothie I drink. I love the added nutrients.

My smoothie created at home which is gorgeous, but didn’t taste so well 😦

I asked several people how to create a kale smoothie. One lady used to work in a smoothie shop. Her response was I should cook the kale for added flavor and to soften the texture. I will master this smoothie in due time! Click here to check out this video of me and my youngest son creating a smoothie together. It was great bonding time and was beyond delicious! This is a great way to introduce little ones to healthy eating 🙂


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