What Is A Mama With Purpose?

How can you identify a Mama with purpose? Here’s how this Mama creates a priceless life while wearing her many crowns. Her walk is one of a kind. She has a connection with her creator and believes it’s the way to both salvation and success. This Mama creates ways that allows her family to need for nothing. Her King is blessed to have her stand next to him. She’s proud at his side wearing her crown. She believes health is the key to life. She practices this in her home with her family who gladly accepts her ideas to strengthen their lives together. Healthy eating, fitness, and meditation are all what she lives for and shares it with the world. 

Her spare time is spent peacefully with healing baths, lots of reading, and making sure she has peace in her mind, with her body and spirit. She loves motherhood and treats her children like special gifts God placed in her womb. This is true. She is tuned in with her little ones and provides for them in ways that creates an unbreakable bond. These children benefit from their mother’s nurturing and intelligence. This way of life shines through her children. These little spirits are awake and are on a higher level than most their age. Flexibility, and adventure is what she lives for. 

She believes entrepreneurship and leadership creates productivity and flexibility around the ones she love. She’s living proof that this works.  Her influence shines on everyone including the ones who despise her. Her consciousness allows her  wisdom to be noticed and she’s very comfortable in her own skin. She laughs out loud and her voice is heard proud when necessary. This Mama is humble, strong, and a determined spirit ready to move anything that stands in her way.

Are you a Mama with purpose? Leave a comment 🙂

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