I AM: The Power Of Words

There are situations we can and can not control. However, God gave all of mankind the gift of free will. With having free will, it’s so important to know how to react to life. For instance, we can speak greatness or curses over our own lives.  We also have the power to speak the same over someone else’s life. Our words we speak through our mouths or the way we think have so much effect on who we are while predicting our future.

You might ask yourself, how can I speak situations over my life? It’s quite simple. You can say statements like:

I’m a great person. My life is amazing. I make good decisions.


I’m not smart. I make poor decisions. My life is horrible. These are all ways to speak positive or negative actions over one’s life. Here are some positive affirmations to consider:

I AM a phenomenal person! I AM attracting beautiful spirits into my life. I AM working towards my goals everyday!

The power of our tongues is serious business. Try speaking and thinking great things over yourself & others daily. In due time, you’ll see a positive change.

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