How to NOT Get Discouraged On Your Weight Loss Journey

I’ve failed multiple times with weight loss. What has helped me get better results today is not getting discouraged and understanding this journey happens fast, but not overnight. It typically takes 4-10 weeks to began noticing changes. I put together these few tips to help you have a tunnel vision when it comes to your goals.

It’s not going to happen overnight. This used to be one of the hardest realizations for me. I would notice very little change and would get discouraged when the scale says the same amount it was 2 weeks ago. Or I would workout hard for one week and not make the same commitment the following week, but expect immediate results. It took months if not years to gain the extra pounds. It’s going to take time to lose it and I’m here to tell you again… It takes time. Be patient and stay the entire course during this journey.

It’s okay to cheat occasionally. Let’s be real, most people like cakes, ice cream, and other junk foods. I’m one of them! The bad thing is that we’ve made these ways into a lifestyle. This is why many people are ill in our society. It’s easier & more cost effective to spend less for food instead of spending more on what we need to life a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s not a bad idea to eat those tasty treats sometimes. Choosing this way of life allows us to not relapse and throw our life changing ways in the gutter. It’s easier to maintain good habits versus falling for the bad habits. Eat wisely.

Make healthy eating and exercising a normal part of life. Many times I’ve seen people emphasis when they are headed to the gym or when a healthier choice is made in the kitchen. I did this earlier in my journey, but I only lived for those moments. Plus after sharing my excitement with the world, my goals weren’t met completely. Now that I’ve learned to live the lifestyle, it’s easier to post food or workout pics occasionally. The lifestyle is in full effect, however it’s what I’m living in the real world & not for others including social media.

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