Have A Cold? Try This!



Are you or anyone you knowing dealing with a stubborn cold? Try this! I was speaking with my neighbor when I had this stubborn cold! I was out for a couple of days and it wouldn’t get better for nothing. It was day 5 on the cold.

She began telling me about her daughter who couldn’t get rid of a stubborn cough for about close to two months. My neighbor said she took her daughter to the doctor several times for this cough. They would only prescribe her daughter an antibiotic for the cough. She was getting fed up and came across this article on Facebook that had some amazing information. It said mix a teaspoon of organic honey with cinnamon and take it twice daily for 3 days the cold should be gone. So she gave this try. After 3 days, her daughter’s cough was gone! If you’ve visited this site before, you can probably tell that I love love love organic and natural ways to heal the body!

I had the ingredients at home, but wanted to do a little online research to learn about how these two work together. I’ve never heard of it before and I was curious before I tried it. I came across a few sites (just good honey and cinnamon home remedy) and I found out how organic honey has an anti bacterial, anti-fungal and how it helps prevent different illnesses. I love honey and buy it organic and raw all the time! I didn’t know it had so many health benefits! From what I found out about cinnamon, it’s a prevention aid. It helps with so much in the body!

So after being ecstatic about these two natural ingredients I always keep in my kitchen, it was time to put it to test. For the first day, I mixed the cinnamon with a teaspoon of raw organic honey. This taste extremely sweet and was very thick. So the next couple of days, I just made tea. I used the same amount of honey, cinnamon, and added fresh lemon slices. In 3 days, my cough and sneeze were gone. My runny nose stopped and I was feeling like myself again. Jt was coming down with a cold as well and I used the same strategy that stopped his cold in it’s tracks.

If you have toddlers, older children or even if you have a cold, it just make for your family as well :-).

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