3 Reasons Why My Twelve Year Old Son Became Vegan & No Longer Eats Candy

Updated 9/16/2019: Jordan is now 14 y/o and 80% Vegan. He’s still very cautious about what he consumes including sweets, is active in fitness & enjoys choosing a healthier lifestyle. I’m so proud of his independent life choices! @missnishabee

One thing I love about being a parent is that I can watch my children grow into their personalities and support their decisions. This includes setting standards for what they want out of life. When I was a child, I loved candy. As an adult, I still eat it from time to time. I grew up being rewarded for eating candy. My 12 year old son, Jordan feels totally different about this and I’m a proud Mama to see his growth and wise choices.

Since Jordan was a toddler, I’ve always monitored how much candy him and his brother consume. People used to think I was crazy because my boys would only eat candy on Fridays. Now he’s old enough to make his own decisions on this matter. Jordan still enjoys baked treats occasionally,  but no longer eats candy. After sitting down chatting with him about this decision, these are the main three reasons why my son stopped eating candy.


#1 Many Candies are GMOs

#2 Eating Candy is Unhealthy & Causes Excessive Mucus

 #3 Controls Your Mood & Highly Addictive

After Jordan read the label on a pack of peanut M&Ms, he was surprised to see the packaging that was labeled, ” partially produced with genetic engineering.” From that moment, along with our lifestyle changes, Jordan chose to not eat candy again. It has been 4 months since he made this decision. 

Here’s why Jordan is Vegan

“Health benefits, easier to stay physically active, the influence of my mom, I love animals and nature, animals are innocent, I don’t like cheese and we don’t drink dairy milk so this part was easy. We can be creative in the kitchen, Vegan meals are filling and tastes great.”

Supporting your child’s decisions to be Vegetarian or Vegan can really help improve their self-esteem. Live a healthier lifestyle and be a great role model in health for your children.

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