Just Do It! Yes, I said it & here’s why…

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 14 years altogether. I’ve been to just about all of the surrounding states except California! Yes, I know it may seem sad, but hear me out. Since I moved from Chicago when I was 18, I really didn’t have a desire to travel anywhere else in the world. I was afraid of heights and my younger mindset just wasn’t adventurous. So later in life, I wanted to travel more. I made that happen my visiting New Orleans, St. Louis and Houston, TX and most states surrounding Nevada. After visiting, we later resided in St. Louis and Dallas, TX or a while.

So instead of thinking about going to California and possibly visiting one day (I knew thinking about it would never make it a reality), I booked bus tickets to Los Angeles last night at approximately 7pm. We left Las Vegas at 12:01am arriving in LA at 4:46am this morning. I’m tired, but we control and create our experiences by choices. My youngest was excited to know that we were packing to leave for California in a few hours. My oldest, Jordan is a teenager now and a bit unsure of my spontaneous move (darn teenagers lol). He’s pretty excited now and it enjoying the trip.

I’m sharing this with you to say, whatever more you want to do, Just DO it! Most people want to make moves in life, but are too afraid to DO IT! Their minds start giving them every excuse on why they should not accomplish a goal or do something they have always wanted to accomplish. If you’re struggling with decisions, tell your brain to be quiet and make radical action!

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