School Is Out Summer Is Here! We’ve Finished Our 2nd Year Of Virtual School :)

Summer is officially here for my family! We’ve worked hard to meet semester deadlines, and my sons have worked so hard to improve their grades. I can admit this second year at Connections Academy has been a lot easier than the first year. At this point in time, we’re used to the teachers and what to expect from them. We’ve also learned eachother’s habits and understand working as a team is a working progress. Some days kids just don’t want to work. They would rather use a Saturday morning to complete a test versus being beyond serious on a Monday morning. The parent in me would like for things to get done in an orderly way all the time. The Learning Coach in me says it’s fine. They are kids and will get it done and on time. Luckily, the Learning Coach, relaxed side proves me right most of the time. If they still attended s brick and mortar school, this wouldn’t be an option for them. I would receive a call home if they were having a bad day and didn’t feel like working. That’s the beauty with the choice we have.

This semester my 7th grader finished 2 weeks early. My perfectionist 5th grader finished 5 minutes before the end of the semester (sigh). My now 6th grade son must analyze and find an explanation to everything. If he can’t take extra time to do this, life just isn’t right for him. After speaking to his Gifted & Talented Teacher in the 2016/17 school year, I understand his behavior is perfectly normal. This is how most gifted students are. They take their work seriously and it takes them a bit longer than most students. My now 8th grader is the total opposite. Both of my sons have two totally different approaches when it comes to their education. It’s challenging, but makes them both so unique at the same time. Summer camp starts next week. In the meantime, My now 8th grader, Jordan has been teaching his younger brother Jovan how to create sprite animations using different adobe platforms we have access to. I’ll have snippets of their work available soon enough for our viewers.

Next school year, both of my sons will be taking a world language & their gifted and talented classes once again. Jordan (8th grader) will also be taking his high school course Algebra 1. Jovan (6th grader) will be taken 7th grade GT Math. We’re making the best of our lives through it all. That’s what makes it so much more rewarding. ❤️💪🏽 #mamawithpurpose


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