5 Legitimate Reasons To Not Settle

I wrote a post a while back which expressed when settling is necessary. I explained how we can sometimes be so focused on the big win that we forget to celebrate the little ones. You can read this posts here. This post is the complete opposite. There are times when we settle when we clearly shouldn’t. When we think we found something worth holding on to, even before this ‘something’ proves itself worthy, we get comfortable. This can be in a job, relationship, environment, friendship, the foods we eat, etc. If we’re not careful, it is extremely easy to be caught in this trap. If you are in a situation where you know you’ve settled and have became a bit too comfortable, it’s never too late to change your world. Here are some signs you should create your plan to live the life you deserve.

You’re only at your job for the benefits.

I’ve lost count of how many times I heard someone say they are displeased with their job, but choose to stay for the health benefits, perks or schedule. This way of thinking is extremely unhealthy to the mind, body and spirit. Does it really make sense to force yourself to be at your place of employment for the perks when you’re unhappy there? There are countless companies out here where you can feel appreciated and benefit from what the company has to offer. If you’re having a difficult time securing work in the local workplace, take your skills online. There are tons of work from home jobs available now. I’ll discuss this in a future post.

You have outgrown your relationships or friendships.

Loyalty can be a great gift, or a horrible curse. It’s based on which path we choose. It’s easy being loyal if it’s you by nature. Based on my life experiences, I’ve learned to look at loyalty with an open mind. Human beings change. We like to think of ourselves as being the same, but we change in our own way. Now there are some cases where people change by becoming less appealing. This is with the way they think, their lack of growth, and the way they may treat others. If you’re on the road to becoming a better person while making the necessary changes in your life to become your best self…. It’s time to be unloyal & throw up those deuces! 🙂

The people you love the most don’t believe in you.

So you have goals, dreams and aspirations! You tell your best friend of 15 years that you just purchased your passport and will become a digital nomad for one year. Your friend laughs hysterically and say you’re nuts! They don’t take you seriously even though you’ve made well known changes to step outside of your comfort zone… well… your best friend in the world thinks  you’re full of it! Now you’re in your feelings, doubting yourself and don’t have a comeback. You already have a plan to follow your dream. Everyone tells you not to do it. And the person your trust more than everyone else doesn’t believe in you. This is a dream killer for many people. All it takes is one person who you love and trust the most to shut down your life. If this is you, it’s time for a break. Follow your dreams and live this life to it’s full potential!

You’re on a tight budget, but you’re trying to eat healthy.

Whenever we put our foot down and say it’s time to grab that bull by horns, it seems like everything get in the way. The baby need special no leak diapers, the car insurance increased fifty bucks, the kids need new uniforms for soccer practice and money is tight! Now you’re tempted to raid the aisles full of every known preservative you can’t pronounce, and you want to skip out on fresh produce, because it’s expensive. But what about losing weight to help control your current health condition? We have to make hard choices when we have a family, but what would your family be without you? You must incorporate healthy food options in your life and stop settling for poor eating habits. The fuel to have a thriving body is healthy foods. When I say healthy, I mean fruits, vegetables, herbs, and everything in between in the produce aisle that has been grown. Plus there are so many healthy alternatives now. Need help getting started? Contact me.

Trying to change habits, but your environment is making this nearly impossible.

How many times have someone offered you something they knew you didn’t need? Like a cigarette, candy bar, pork chops, etc? This is clearly a sign that some things need to change in your environment. If you’re going to stop bad habits, you need to change your environment. It’s nearly impossible trying to stop smoking, drinking or eating horribly when you’re surrounded with the wrong people. Make the necessary changes to change your environment. That will give you the opportunity to set your goals, accomplish those goals and change your world.

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