Buy Beauty Products Like A Professional: Vol. 3


There are so many products. Like, sooo many beauty supply products. I spoke about their promises and lack thereof in volume one. Today’s post series was inspired to help you shop like a pro. This will also help you maintain your hair between salon visits. Your Stylist will thank you for doing what’s best for your hair. There are two ways to get your beauty products. These ways will save you some cash & offer convenience all at the same time.d

The first option is visiting corporate salons or local small high-end reputable salons. Most of these beauty salons carry products they use on their client’s hair. These products are usually named brand. Their motive is to have their clients buy products which would complement the services performed. For instance, you’ll be more likely to find Mizani, Moroccan Oil, Kenra Scott, It’s a 10, authentic Big Sexy Hair products & other top brand beauty products. These kinds of salons would include Supercuts, Smartstyle located in select Walmart locations across the country, JC Penney Instyle beauty salons, Ulta Beauty and other Corporate chain salons. The plus with going to these corporate salons is they always have sales to their retail beauty products. High-end beauty salons who sale retail may not offer such deals or sales, because it’s a small business. The great part is you can still find great products. Don’t be alarmed when walking into a beauty salon to buy their retail and not receive services. Customers do this all the time and it still helps the establishment by making retail sales. You might later decide to try a new beauty salon in the future.

The second option is buying online. You can visit some of these stores online and get great discounts or even a better value online. I do not recommend buying beauty products on websites like eBay or Amazon. These products can be very tricky. You have to hope an individual or business is selling legitimate products. Most products have 2 years shelf. You’re protected when buying from a reputable salon and getting an invoice for your products.

So why buy from these beauty salons instead of places like Walmart who carry high-end salon products? To be honest with you, these places can’t prove their products are authentic. I remember some years back when Walmart started selling “name brand” beauty products. Licensed Hair Stylist would buy from Walmart and compare their products to what was in the beauty salon. They simply failed the test for potency. This is one of the main reasons why I do not suggest buying from Walmart or other bargain stores.

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