Best Oils For Moisture During The Winter Season: Vol. 4

Moisture is what our skin needs to survive and look as beautiful as it can be. I personally haven’t bought lotion products from the store in over 4 years. I prefer to make my own moisturizers. Depending on the time of year, skin can be dry at its normal state, or become extremely dry. We’re currently in the winter season and yes, we’re experiencing dryness at its best! So here are four natural oils that will leave your skin feeling fulfilled, & moisturized this winter season.

#1 Olive Oil

Olive oil is very popular in the kitchen as well as moisturizing beauty care products. This oil is natural and would do wonders for your skin. It’s natural and will leave your skin feeling amazing. Use as much as needed while keeping in mind a little goes a long way.

#2 Grape Seed Oil

This oil is fantastic and should be in your kitchen as well as your bathroom for moisture after bath time. It’s a little heavier than olive oil but does fantastic for the skin.

#3 Castor Oil

Castor Oil is number 3 on my list! This oil is too heavy for the skin but is phenomenal on the scalp. Just a thin layer of Castor Oil applied to the scalp once a week may stimulate hair growth and promote thickening of the hair. This can also be used as a carrier oil with Tea Tree essential oil. These two oils can do greatness by taking away a itch on the scalp that refuses to go away, or it can be used as a deep conditioning treatment. The best oil for hair growth and thickening is Jamaican Castor Oil. It is a bit darker than the organic unrefined Castor Oil.

#4 Avocado Oil

Avocado oil like grapeseed oil and can be used for sautéing, deep frying foods bringing ultimate moisture to your skin. Avocado has very good components to help the body stay well inside-out. You can try these different oils and use the one that works best for you the rest of this winter season.

These oils are best in their refined state except coconut oil which did not make this list. You can shop for these oils in your local health food stores like Whole Foods or on websites like Shopping for these pure products as local beauty supply stores isn’t recommended. Most of the time, water, perfumes & chemicals are added when buying from beauty supplies.

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