Leave In Vs. Rinse Out Conditioners Vol. 5

There are so many conditioners to choose from. There are several types including all in one options. Would you like to shampoo your hair and leave your conditioner in or rinse it down the drain after shampooing? Would you prefer to co-wash your hair over shampooing as often? This is part 5 of my Beauty 101 Series. I’m going to give you my honest opinion based on my expertise as a beauty professional & my personal experience.

So before I answer these questions and give you my honest & professional opinion, I’m going to explain how the hair & skin works. It may seem obvious, but this into may help you understand your own hair and skin more.

We have pores on our skin. This helps us receive anything topical from moisturizers, medicines, etc. However, these pores aren’t always open. This is why depending on your skin type, skin can be moisturized and appear dry/flaky just 15 minutes after applying a moisturizer. The pores must be open to receive ultimate moisture. To make sure the pores are open to receive moisturizers or body wash the skin must be wet. In most cases, warm to hot water is best based on one’s individual preference. Warm steam or water opens the pores on the skin. This allows the skin to receive whatever you deposit. This can be oils and butters fresh out of the shower, body wash, essential oils and yes it works the same way with shampoos and conditioners.

The scalp and hair works the same exact way. Warm to hot water opens each hair follicle and makes it easy to clean the hair while you shampoo. Conditioners usually go right on the hair after. So when the skin and hair are wet with warmer temperatures of water, the hair and skin is in deposit mode. So it’s very important to know exactly what you’re using for your hair, skin and nails. The skin, including the nails on our body is a huge sponge to everything it touches, especially while wet.

Now there’s a flip side to this. Cold water closes the hair follicles. So if you ever received a vibrant hair color & your Stylist rinsed you with cold water, this was to close the hair after depositing the color & lock in the color. This makes hair color last longer naturally.

Now when it comes to answering the questions above, here’s what has worked for my beauty clients in my career.

  1. I use the appropriate shampoo based on my clients’ needs.
  2. After cleaning the hair inside-out, I use a conditioner based on the needs of my client. For instance, if the hair is really dry, I’ll deposit BioMatrix Hydrasource conditioner in the hair directly after the shampoo. It’s fantastic on dry hair and leaves it feeling amazing. The hair is moist again & in most cases it has a great shine.
  3. After towel drying the hair, I would use a very light leave in conditioner and heat protectant if we’re using heat.

So, should you use a leave in or leave out conditioner? Well it depends on your needs and styling preference. In most cases, I use both. In some cases, I only use the conditioner I apply at the bowel after shampooing.

Should co-washing be your go to? No. I recommend co-washing for clients who shampoo excessively. I’ll go into how often a client should shampoos their hair in a later post.

If your concerns are about waisting product and shampooing it down the drain, only use the amount needed for your hair. It’s so easy to squeeze the bottle and use a ton of product. There’s nothing wrong with using exactly what you need. Remember, when using professional name brand products, they are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way!

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