Hiking On A New Trail In Henderson, NV (Hidden Gem)

Hiking and spending time in the mountains became one of my favorite activities. Some people look at me sideways when I say this. I was born & raised on the south side of Chicago. I come from a big city so it’s easy for some to look at me weird when I say I enjoy climbing mountains over seeing fancy buildings. I still enjoy city life, but fell in love with outdoors on the nature side.

I found nature to be my happy, timeless place. No clocks, honking horns, or loud city noises. Just peace, quite and watching nature at its best. Mid December, me and my sons attended an event at their school where we had hot chocolate with peppermints, had conversations with some of our favorite Connections Academy teachers & we went to Ethel M Chocolates. We were at the Botanical Cactus Garden which is the outdoor garden at Ethel M. After trying some chocolates in the factory, we were done with our trip.

After leaving the school event, We went to what appeared to be a park in the area. However, we discovered it was an awesome trail we had to explore. We went on this rocky trail that had tons of bushes, plants, a water stream & tall hills which led us right to a cliff.

My sons @ the top of the Cliff

Being at the Top of the cliff was breathtaking & I felt at peace. No care in the world, no problems… Just timeless moment being spent with my 2 prince.

You can see the views in video here

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