Never Deny Your Uniqueness

It’s 2019 & we’ve come a long way as human beings. More people are realizing who they are, learning what they are truly capable of & are making an effort to live their best lives. Unfortunately, the more spirits are waking up, the more society forces mediocrity upon us.

What I’ve realized first hand is average people who are intimidated by unique spirits. Some of us aren’t here to work a 9-5 job. Some of us aren’t here to live in only one city, state or country our entire lives. Some of us aren’t here to pursue only one talent, dream or aspiration. Some of us aren’t here to have a lot of friends or be in long term intimate relationships. Some of us aren’t here to sit back and be quiet. Some of us aren’t here to do what we’re told. Some of us aren’t here to complain about the things we can change in our lives. These are all typical & predictable behaviors we’ve been conditioned to believe are facts. We were brain washed into believing fitting in is perfect and normal. As long as it’s with the right crowd. How can the most imperfect beings on the planet try to force a perfect world on humanity?

Some of us live in the now, right here in this moment. Some of us spend quality time in nature on walks, runs or just lay in the grass watching the clouds go by. In my case, I like to observe the animals and insects. Some of us have lived in multiple cities, states & countries. Some of us homeschool our children to give them a better opportunity free from typical boundaries in life. Some of us are working hard to reach a higher form of self awareness. Some of us prefer to be self employed, independent contractors or freelancers who work on their own schedules while staying in control of their own lives. Some of us obtain an enormous amount of creativity and talent which we use consistently. Some of us are aware of the power we possess & don’t blame others for our adversaries. Some of us are completely out of this world and before our time. Some of us love with our whole heart unconditionally.

Take the time to understand this. Never deny your uniqueness. People would have you walking down their road, their life instead of your own. Others may try to mold you into who they feel you should be, because it gives them a sense of power or security. You are amazing and unique in your own special way. When the Lord created you, you were perfect in the eyes of the Universe. You have unlimited potential to become your best. If you feel like you’re odd, strange, different, or a rare sheep, focus on your strengths. These strengths will help you grow tremendously in your own unique way. 💋

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