When A Client Says “I Trust You. Do Whatever!” Pics/Vid Inside

One of my favorite things to do is hair. I’ve been mixing products & styling hair since I was 6 years young. From my years of experience & 8 years of being a Beauty professional, It can be repetitive doing the same thing continuously. In my industry, with repetition I practice my craft and become better, but it can get a bit boring doing the same service over & over again. Like performing a blunt cut with no layers, no bangs, no face framing… just the same. ole. cut. So it’s great to hear, “I trust you. Do whatever you like to my hair!” This happened to me with a client who came in the salon for a simple haircut.

Before: Side View
Before: Back View

We had our consultation. It’s been years since she has had a haircut. Plus she has been coloring her hair at home with box dye for years. I agreed to the haircut and suggested a color enhancement. She said those magic words I mentioned earlier. She trusted me, was ready for change & I wasn’t going to disappoint her. My main concerns was eliminating her shag, gray hair & warming up her hair color. My goal for the color was warm, but still neutral. I didn’t want to do anything too drastic. She’s an elder lady who still work, but was laid back in her personal life. I believe Hair should compliment our lifestyle.

I used Matrix’s permanent hair color line So Color for her roots/gray coverage & ran Matrix Demi (semi-permanent color) through her mid shaft & ends. This ensures that her hair color would come out even. I used a Demi color on her mid shaft & her ends to simply deposit the color. She’s been using box color for years. Box color carry many chemicals and metals. It’s not as gentle as professional color. When dealing with professional hair color, we formulate the colors & strengths based on our clients’ needs. This helps us color while making sure the hair stays in a good condition. Color Sync is great on conditioning the hair while adding color. In this case, that is all we needed to do. For her haircut, I shortened the length to get rid of the shag, trimmed her bangs, framed her face, & cleaned up her existing layers.

This is how her hair looked after the color and haircut. Excuse the bandage on my finger. I cut myself accidentally with my shears occasionally :-).

My client LOVED her new, enhanced look. Did you notice the bounce and fullness of her hair in the video? A simple haircut with a simple color for a simple lady who was ready for needed change. What do you think? Leave me a comment! 💋

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