Balayage Color w/Pics Inside

I love hair color! I’ve grown to like ‘ appreciate the beautiful shades with Matrix hair color line, but overall… Goldwell hair color is my favorite! As I work on increasing my knowledge and challenges in hair color, there is always a challenge that arise occasionally. This challenge was having a client come in with different shades of long, thick & beautiful hair.

She came in for a Balayage. As you can see, her hair has 3 different colors. Her roots are around a level 2 (black/darkest brown), she has some brown in the mid shaft (middle of the hair) & she’s light on her ends. She wanted to go for a gray color, but most times, to keep the hair in a healthy state and the color lines being used, this isn’t always achievable. It’s possible, but takes steps and isn’t guaranteed in one session. This was our first session.

I used a mixture of 30 volume on the ends to & 40 volume on some of her regrowth & the mid shaft. It took over an hour for the color to process. I used an open air technique then eventually switched by covering her hair in a plastic bag to generate heat. The heat did speed up the process. Bleach on the hair processes fastest with heat depending on the hair. My goal was to create an even color throughout her hair. I noticed her hair wasn’t strong enough to withstand the lightening process if I continued to process her hair. After toning her hair, I was able to complete her balayage with a gold/caramel color. It may take a couple of more balayage sessions to achieve the color we’re going for. I used a conditioning treatment to help her maintain her hair while preventing future damage.

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