3 Hair Myth Busters & My Life Before & After Becoming a Licensed Professional

I’ve been in the beauty industry professionally now for over 8 years. Times have changed & we have access to so much information. So let me ask you this. How much of this information can you really trust? In the Beauty industry, can you really trust your beauty regimen to unlicensed, inexperienced people who “know” how to do hair or other beauty services? Or, do you research, and find a licensed and experienced professional who is talented and educated?


I created my first beauty product in our home bathroom at the age of 6. I did my first Quick Weave on my mother at 8 years old. I was Relaxing & growing hair, doing acrylic nails (including mani & pedicures), braids, creating Wigs, short cut styles, and everything else under the sun from the age of 12 until I went to beauty school at 25. I was the go to person among family and friends for beauty services. I even invested in DVDs. I was talented and ambitious since I was a child. My question to you is, did any of this make me a professional? Absolutely not.

I was talented in the beauty industry since I was a young child. What helped me sharpen my knowledge & skills was going to beauty school. I must admit, I was arrogant and thought I knew everything when it came to black hair back then. In reality, I was just a baby who needed to be humble & learn from those who actually had the experience, skill & education I needed to help me succeed. I’ll be the first to tell you, beauty school was intimidating, but it helped me become the guru I am today. When I graduated & became a licensed Cosmetologist, I ate even more humble pie. Believe me when I say I have been through my ups and downs. I really learned how the industry works. As a professional, I know this industry can be cruel & only the strong win. I’ve seen many Stylists get in debt from beauty school, graduate or drop out. Many quit within their first two years of working in the industry. I’m grateful for my strength and drive to be the best Cosmetologist I can be.

Here are 3 myths I want to set straight. I have been the “Kitchen Stylist” and earned my credentials as a Beauty Professional. Keep reading to unlearn the common myths often heard about hair.


I’ve watched videos of Kitchen Stylist who style hair (a friend or their own hair), create wigs, perform color applications and so on. They have only practiced at home and have no clue how performing real beauty services really works. Since most of these styles are practiced by people who have little to no experience in this actual profession, I’ve worked beauty miracles on clients throughout my career. I’ve dealt with the clients who watched YouTube videos and have messed up their hair to hair extensions & braids gone completely wrong. I remember a client of mine who cut most of her hair off because she trusted an unlicensed “Kitchen Stylist” did a horrible job with her Sew-In. It took me about 8 months to grow her hair back. In most cases, it’s best to save to see the Professional who is knowledgeable & has a great reputation versus dealing with an unlicensed person who just “does hair.


To be transparent, this hair type talk is nonsense & doesn’t exist among professionals. The only time this would ever matter is based on the style you a client may choose to wear. This is what real & successful beauty professionals look for when it comes to their clients:

  • The condition of the hair (is it healthy, damaged, thinning, is the service the client requesting realistic? etc)
  • How well does the hair absorb moisture
  • Whether the hair is fine, medium or coarse
  • And density (how much hair is on the client’s head)

It doesn’t matter if your hair is bone straight or extremely coily. During any consultation, an experienced professional will take all of the above into consideration. A client’s curl pattern has absolutely nothing to do with performing accurate beauty services & making sure the hair is in a healthy state. Under a microscope, all hair looks the same. The only difference is the underlying pigment and whether it’s curly or straight. That’s it. For instance, when it comes to cutting hair, I’ve cut all hair (regardless of texture) based on my client’s needs and desires. I’ve cut natural hair both dry and wet. Some believe hair should be cut either one way or the other. However, when understanding how hair truly works, there’s no way you can go wrong. I’m aware of how much tension to use when performing a precision haircut on curly hair. I’ve cut every texture in between using the technique that is best for my clients’ needs & desires.

I was talking to a client recently who stopped buying top brand professional products. She did this based on YouTube videos when suggested using less expensive brands that only “targeted” the “curly” hair community. Of course, I took the time to inform her about what is fact versus the misleading information advertised to the public. I did a post explaining shampoos & how to shop for them. Click here to check out this article.


I see people every day who fall for the same ole things that are making someone else rich. An example is all of the hair, skin and nail vitamins advertised to the public. You take them, your hair will grow. When you stop taking them, it falls back out. Before taking another hair loss vitamin, speak with your Gynecologist & General Practitioner. Get a wellness exam and blood work completed by your doctors. This is where to start before buying another advertised vitamin. The underlying cause it the key to solving hair issues. When the results come back, the information you’re given will help you achieve your goals.

Another example is I hopped on the bandwagon like many others who went natural. I spent hundreds of dollars on natural hair care products trying to enhance my curl. I eventually found a couple of simple gels that meets all of my needs. Guess what? I spend less than $10 to rock my curl :). It’s best to remember that you are your own hero. Like I mentioned above, there will always be a new product coming out giving the public high hopes of it being the next best thing. Learn what works for you and consult a beauty professional who is willing to help you create a solid beauty regimen. If your hair changes, which it will, that when you readjust to what once again works for you. This is a simple way to save thousands a year.

If you can use any of the information in this post, please leave a comment!💋

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