Why You Need a Personalized Beauty Guide

I’ve been into hair & everything beauty since I was 6 years old. In my career, I’ve worked in every kind of beauty salon you can think of. One thing all of these salons have in common is the client coming in to get a service done and then buy products whether they need it or not. I used to be excited to sell products to my clients just for the little boost on my paycheck. Well, it wasn’t really a boost when the commission was only 10% per order. As I became more passionate about helping others my interest changed. I knew I wanted to do more than just my client’s hair while listening to their problems and selling them retail products.

When I launched my first beauty business Nisha’s Beauty Spot some years back, I made a shift in my life and my business. I wanted to focus on clients who really needed me instead of just the typical do their hair and sell them to the next retail brand. I wanted to make their lives easier and make an impact that would affect them for years to come in a positive way. This is where my Personalized Beauty Plan comes into motion.

I was ready to make a difference and would meet with clients either at my beauty suite or a nearby Starbucks where we would actually discuss their beauty concerns. I specialize in healthy hair care and hair extensions so I was always trying and recommending natural ingredients to my clients who really needed long term results. From learning and running a separate business on the wellness/weight loss side, I learned so much of how the body works & how beauty isn’t just the hair on our heads, the skin that covers our pink flesh or the nails that cover all the imperfections depending on the person. I knew it was so much more than that.

This Personalized Beauty Guide I created gives you the opportunity to connect with me as your go-to beauty professional. Build a guide of goals based on your beauty needs and desires. Learn on a deeper level of how your body works from the inside out. I like to call this enhancing your beauty mind, body and spirit. And connecting with you to track our progress.

This is more than just a consultation. We are building that relationship you have with your doctor, pastor or your child’s teacher. This is a relationship that will help you do what you love. That looks and feel beautiful. This service comes with:

A Consultation via phone or video chat

There will be a lot of information collected to help me learn about you and how I can help you become your best beautiful self. You can ask me any questions and tell me your concerns. I will map out everything you need.

Full Beauty Guide based on our conversation

This is where I will create your Beauty Guide. There will be everything from product recommendations to lifestyle suggestions. There’s so much we will discuss and so much I will be able to recommend for you based on your needs.

2 Follow up appointments in one year

After our appointment, I will keep in touch with you through email. You will have 2 follow up appointments that can take place twice in one year (this is included with your Guide). This is to see how the guide is working for you and to see if we need to make any changes. This Guide is an investment & I want to make it worth your while.

Does this sound like anything you’re used to when communicating with someone from the Beauty salon-like me? What I’m saying is probably mind-blowing, because I’m really interested in bringing long term value to you!

The Guide is sent to your email address

Everything we discussed is combined in one digital guide that will be sent directly to your email address. It will be in PDF format so you can download it & print it out for safekeeping. I recommend printing it out and having the Guide somewhere you can see it every day. This will be a simple reminder of who you are & your goals to beauty wellness.

Are you ready to get your Personalized Beauty Guide? Head over to my Services & Products page. There you will be able to see the details & order your Guide via Paypal. I will contact you shortly between 9am-6pm CST during the weekdays to schedule an appointment with you to get started asap! Now let’s bring more beauty into your life!

Have questions or concerns? Contact me! I’m here for you :-).

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