What Is Virgin Hair?

In the beauty industry, this word is used to describe hair. What I have noticed is some misinform customers, clients, and the public when it comes to knowing the truth about what Virgin hair really is.

Virgin hair whether its hair extensions or attached to the scalp is virgin IF the hair has not been chemically altered in any way. This is where most are confused and give false information over knowing the facts.


Breaking the Bonds With Chemicals

Chemically-treated hair is hair that has gone through a processed that has permanently altered the hair itself. This happens when the hair is introduced to a chemical Relaxer or a Permanent Wave. This chemical process breaks the bonds in the hair that created a permanent change in the hair itself. If you noticed in relaxed hair, the hair is no longer curly. The chain that links this hair together to lock in its curls are no longer present.

The opposite happens with Permanent Waves or Perms. This process takes straight hair and lock in curls or waves when the hair is straight. Here the bonds are broken as well. Remember, when the hair is permanently altered from its natural pattern it is no longer Virgin.


So Nisha, What About Bleached Hair?

Hair that has been bleached is simply colored-treated hair. When the hair is lightened with bleach there’s only one thing going on. The bleach is stripping away the melanin (color) as if it would when pouring bleach on a black t-shirt or blue denim. Its not breaking those bonds like the services mentioned above. It is taking the color away and in some cases, new artificial color is added such as toners. So colored hair is simply color-treated. Non-Virgin hair is when a permanent process happens that creates a permanent change in the hair itself. When hair is bleached it exposes the underlying tones in the hair. In this process, the hair texture doesn’t change. This means its still virgin hair.

When bleaching hair, there is still a lot to take into consideration. If someone wanted a chemical service, they would need to wait 2-6 weeks after bleaching the hair. This is all based in the condition of the hair and services desired.

I Have Heat Damage & My Curls Are Gone. Is My Straight Hair Virgin?

Hair that is damaged from excessive heat is no longer virgin hair, because overtime the heat has broken the bonds in the hair. In this case, heat damaged hair should be trimmed from the rest of the hair. This hair usually have split ends and can cause more harm than good. Split ends will work up the hair shaft causing more hair to have these ends. This is like a plant with sick leaves. It will contaminate and make all the other leaves sick and must be trimmed for the entire plant to heal. This is how split ends work. Its best to stop split ends in their tracks.


As you can see, it’s easy to be uninformed in a world with so much information.  If you’re tired of buying products and feeling lost when it comes to your hair order my Personalized Beauty Guide. Click here to contact me!

I hope this post was helpful! Let’s chat about it in the comments! 💋

Images via pexels

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