Leave In Conditioners & Natural Moisturizers You Need Right Now

If you’re natural & unsure of how to keep your hair hydrated you’ll love this post! When it comes to understanding hair and how much moisture is needed, it is important to know the different types of hair, and how moisture reacts to them. We will discuss the four basic texture groups and how they react to moisture. These three textures are defined as straight, wavy, curly & coily. I will create posts later on going into detail about each hair texture & how to care for them.

Image from google on adoptalovestory.com.

Straight Hair & Wavy Hair Textures (1A to 2c hair types)

Straight or wavy hair typically has more oil build up on the scalp. This oil isn’t from products. The scalp produces more oil in these hair textures. The result is a moisturized scalp. These oils tend to work their way from the roots to the midshaft of the hair. With these textures, the oil weighs the hair down. This is why beauties with these textures wash their hair often. Some wash more than others. With this texture, I recommend shampooing every 3 days and co-washing if 3 days is too long. When shampooing every day, this causes the hair to lose its natural moisture. Its okay to rinse away the oil build up, but losing too much due to excessive shampoos can harm the hair and scalp. The result is usually dull, dry hair that later becomes damaged from excessive shampoos.

These textures only need very little moisture at the scalp. Nature does the rest for them. Moisturizers like light leave-in conditioners and rinse out conditioners are all that’s needed for this hair in its natural state. Here’s my ultimate favorite leave-in hair conditioner by Sexy Hair. I use it on most clients with these textures on towel dried hair. It leaves the hair bouncy and shiny after a blowout. This is a wheat product so if you’re allergic to any kind of wheat I recommend not using this product.

Order this Sexy Hair Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner here!

sexy hair tri-wheat leave in conditioner 8.5 oz post edit__86886.1547492476

Curly & Coily Hair Textures (3A to 4C hair types)

Curly & Coily textures are the complete opposite of straight and wavy textures. Scalps with these hair textures are less hydrated and can become dry. The hair and scalp soaks up moisture like a sponge and should be hydrated a few times a week based on personalized hair needs. If this hair is neglected from moisture the hair can become brittle, and cause hair loss & split ends.Beauties with these textures don’t need to shampoo their hair as often. Hair should be washed every week, bi-weekly or based on product build-up on the hair & scalp. Leave-in and rinse-out conditioners are great for this hair texture as well. After shampoo & conditioning, hair should receive proper moisturizers after towel drying and before styling. Moisture should be added based on hair needs and desired style. Here are some awesome products to try for natural hair. You can click the link & my recommendations.

Pick Up Aunt Jackie’s Coconut Cream Here!


Order this Raw Shea Butter Here!


Shop Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil Here!


Order this Hair Mask Here!


Hair Masks are great to boost moisture. They can be used on all hair textures and come categorized based on needs and desires of the hair. For ultimate moisture when applying the mask, use steam or head dryer.

Right now, I switched back to all-natural products for moisture. Since I have color-treated hair, it’s so important for me to follow up with moisturizers I know can get the job done. Im currently using Raw shea butter & unrefined coconut oil. I have a mixture of 4a & 4b hair. My hair is on the curly side versus coily. I can wear a wash and go most days with the right amount of saturation of water & gel. Yes, It dries that way. Here’s a pic 🙂

What products work best for you? Let’s chat about it! 💋

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