2 Key Ways To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals Without Being Trendy

We know there are so many options between diet and workout routines! There’s always someone coming up with a new way to get the same results to eat healthy, lose weight or build the body you desire. What I’ve learned is if you stick to the basics, you really can’t do wrong. 

When it comes to working out, this is the 2 facts I’ve learned.

“Now result” exercises are great, but do not build long term weight loss goals.

When focusing on weight loss, it’s so important to have a routine that will build success towards your goals. Many people workout and do “now result” exercises like running on the treadmill and give up when they don’t produce results. For instance, when running on the treadmill, you’re burning calories at that moment. When you’re done, you stop burning calories. Let’s say you eat a meal worth 500 calories and you burned 300 calories on the treadmill. The result is you gained 200 calories. This happens, because one of basics of losing weight when looking from a calorie perspective is you must burn more calories than what you consume to be effective at weight loss. Is there anything wrong with running on the treadmill? Of course not. It will definitely help you build an endurance in your overall health. However, it is best to add more targeted activities if you’re looking to lose weight. Complete to right cardio exercises to help you maintain or promote your goals.

Resistant training & weight training is great for making the muscles work long term. 

In this case, the body burn calories, build stronger muscles & creates a body that continues to burn after the workout and while you sleep. Squats, lunges and weight lifting are just a few ways for the body to keep working after the workout is complete. It’s best to learn from a fitness professional how to make this form of exercise work for you. When mastering these techniques, it will save you a lot of time, money and can help you control your weight once reaching your goals.


The key to diets is developing a lifestyle that works for you. It must speak what is designed for you to reach your goals comfortably.  This is why I say lifestyle changes CHANGE lives. Your lifestyle can get you on the fast track to living a great fulfilled life, or it can have you on the fast track to failure and poor health. The choice is yours!

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