4 Ways I Kick Negative Energy To The Curb

We all know what negative energy feels like. Its a little different being a Psychic who can feel just about every piece of energy miles away. Yes, it can be a struggle & that’s why I have to take extra precautions to protect myself from most energy. 

Short story before I get into this. I remember hanging out with an associate over the summer. We were hanging out & meeting for lunch a couple of times a week, because of the projects we were working on together. I remember being so excited to meet with her, because we were working on some great things. One thing I noticed is how great of a mood I would be in while in my car heading to her. I also couldn’t put a finger on why I was completely drained and my mood would flip upside down the instant were together. Like, all of that positivity & good vibes just went out of the window every time I was with her. I mean every single time. 

It was like the moment we were around each other, her vibe would gravitate to me. We’re both gifted and I would notice how I could feel the mood she was in. After being around me for like 15 minutes, she felt great! The downside is I felt down :-(. After learning of this, I had to distance myself, protect my energy, & my space. I’m so blessed to be aware of my gift and abilities. This means I also have to learn how to protect it from energy vampires whether they intentionally mean to be this way or not.

Smudge Your Environment

Smudging is a ritual that has been performed for many years by different cultures. It is known to clear out negative energy from a space such as a room, an entire home, office, even a person. Smudging consists of a bundle of dry sage leaves. These leaves are different from the sage you would find in the grocery store. I purchase sage from the metaphysical store. There’s a prayer that can be said to smudge the environment. I’ll give you an example of how it works.

Items you need:

Bundle of dry sage leaves

Small lighter (you’ll use this to light the sage)

A glass or non-plastic bowl (catch the ashes as the sage burns)

A prayer you have written down or in your mind to make this ritual work

Burn Black Candles

Do you remember the old horror movies what will try to associate black candles & black everything with evil? In reality, this clearly isn’t the case. The color black absorbs negative energy (this is why I don’t prefer to being “black” as my nationality. I’ll discuss this in a later post). Again, the color black absorbs negative energy. It is also a protective color which means it protects the environment from negative energy while cleansing the space. The color black is a super power in its own way when used accordingly. 

Wear Protective Healing Crystals

Black and grey healing crystals are known for protection. For instance, I wear a magnetic hematite ring on my marriage finger. I wear it with no intentions of marriage, but for its protective properties. I also wear this ring for other purposes not related to the protection. Other awesome protection stones are obsidian, onyx, and tourmaline. These stones offer many benefits with massive protective abilities. You can wear these stones as jewelry, keep in your pocket or even meditate with them. 

Onyx healing crystal
Onyx healing crystal

Burn Incense With Purpose

Incense is another one of my favorite ways to rid of negative energy. Frankincense, lavender, & rose are all essential oil based incense that cleanses and bring good vibes to a space. When I’m clearing the energy in a room, I like to burn my incense and play meditative music set at a 432hz to bring peace & harmony to the space.

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