Life Is Long, & Full Of Abundance!

STOP saying life is too short! You’re a God, honey. YOU have the power to manifest whatever you want! That includes a long, happy life full of abundance & prosperity! If you keep speaking life is too short over your life & the life of others, what do you think you’ll get? A fast, life that seems so short and unfulfilled. You could like to see 80 years old and still feel your life was short and unfulfilled. You might be like, what about the people who die young. My answer to this is, because someone dies young doesn’t mean they haven’t served their purpose. Some die young from making poor choices. This is a spiritual topic that I will touch base on in a later post. 

Society, family, friends, our education systems, career choices, jobs and everything in between has taught us that human life is short and the ONLY way to live a full life is through a religious belief or a prescription drug. Have you ever thought that some cultures experienced longer lives? Have you ever thought who is the individuals behind this quote? Have you ever wondered the stories of your ancestors? If you’re like me, you may question these belief systems. I decided to create my own damn journey & I suggest you to live your life the same!

We have to allow ourselves to get out of this lack of abundance way of thinking! We were made in our Creator/Creators’ (based on your beliefs) image! As I was taught in the church, our physical body was how our God created us to be like “him.” What if I told you it’s been proven that we have God-like abilities to manifest whatever we want? This is more than just a physical body. We were blessed with powers to live an “ABUNDANT LIFE” in this physical world! How do you think you pray & what you prayed for comes to pass? Do you think the Lord just handed it to you? Well to some extent this is true (lol). On the other hand, you were designed to create the life you desire. 

This goes both ways! So you can manifest some bad just as well as the good. The choice is yours! If we didn’t have these human bodies and walked in our spirit alone, it would probably take seconds, minutes, or hours to manifest what we want. According to the bible, The Lord created an entire world in 7 days right? As spiritual beings having a human experience in a physical 3D world, it takes a little longer to manifest what we want. The beauty of it all is that we can manifest our own world. So why are you speaking a short life into existence?

Why would you accept life is so unpleasing and short? This is a belief system you need to drop like yesterday! You were not giving the spirit of fear and lack. You were giving the spirit of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7 )! So why aren’t you living it??? It’s time to live your best life and get out of the lack mind set. How can you do it?

Change your circle! 

You’re only as good as the company you keep. How can you live a fulfilled life & the people around you only talk about what they lack? You don’t have enough money. Everything is expensive. It cost too much to eat healthy, but you spend hundreds to thousands on materialistic things and poor food choices. Hmmm… If this is your story, change your circle.

Stop complaining & go back to the drawing board! Create a plan! 

If life isn’t what you want it to be, only YOU have the power to change it! You’re a God made in God’s image remember? If you’re unhappy, change that ish! If you lack, change that ish! If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, change that ish! Go for what you want, how you want it and take a strong positive mind with you. You’re gonna get what you want in due time. Believe nothing less! 

Clear your mind & change your eating habits! 

The mind can be so crowded with misinformation. You have to know what to take, what to dispose, and what to move forward with. If you have a busy mind, believe me when I say I know the feeling! I know what it’s like to have anxiety attacks. Living in a man made world with man made stress, most people live in “fight or flight” mode everyday. This is so unhealthy to both the body and the mind. It leaves us in exhaustion and hurts us in so many ways. You must find a way to meditate and ease your mind. You can do this by simply picking up a hobby, reading a book, painting, dancing, etc. Basically, anything that can help you focus on one thing at a time. So it’s important to do something you enjoy and it feels timeless while you’re in tune with that activity. This helped me conquer my anxiety in the past and it can help you too! If you need tips on how to accomplish this, you can book a free 30 minute consultation with me as we explore what can help you life your best life!

Changing your eating habits can be a wonderful thing and it very rewarding! Letting go of read meat, refined grains like rice, fried foods, & dairy can help you see a huge difference in your health. If you enjoy these types of “foods” its nothing wrong with enjoying them occasionally. They should never be a part of your everyday life. Fasting can also give your body a break from working on breaking down these poor food choices. When we eat these types of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every single day, the body suffers. If our vital organs are always working  and never get a break, they become overworked and cause serious health problems in the future. Please take care of yourself to heal yourself! 

In conclusion…

YOU are the only person who can change your world. You are one beautiful creation with the ability to do some amazing ish! I pray this post gives you a positive outlook on life! You deserve abundance, prosperity and joy! Start living it! 

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