My Story Seeing 11:11

Have you ever prayed for a sign & found yourself being hit in the face with it shortly after? Or were you the one tapping your foot still waiting for a sign? If either one of these examples are you, believe me when I say I’ve been in your shoes! This post is about seeing identical numbers back to back or numbers in sequence (for instance, 2323).

Numbers make up our world and should never be ignored when in sequence and seen repeatedly. It could be the Universe, God (whatever word you feel comfortable with), our ancestors or spirit guides trying to tell you something! It could mean many things and this is why numerology is so important in our world. 

I’m not here to debate over which religion or version of the bible is fact. I’m here to tell you I believe everything has a little bit of truth to it. So I’ve spent these 4 years (since starting my spiritual journey) studying other religions, metaphysics & nature. Although I’m not religious, I do consider myself someone who believes in a higher power. Now that I’ve said this, lets jump back into the topic. 

Numbers are all around us. Numbers make up our entire world today and has been doing so for thousands, if not millions of years. When seeing numbers in sequence and often, its a clear sign to pay attention to what is going on around you. This is nothing to fear, because we receive these signs to prepare us for the road that lies ahead. 

Here’s my story…

Back in July, I went to a psychic for the first time. I’ve always been curious, but was terrified to even act on visiting one. This was due to the horror movies that tend to put negative twists on fortune telling and in religion, its looked upon at being demonic. The only way it can be seen as a positive thing in the church is if the gifted person identifies as being a Prophet or Prophetess. I believe being a Prophet or Psychic is indeed the same thing. We’re all blessed with gifts and abilities. Some just know how to tap into them. 

When I saw her, the Psychic, my readings made my heart drop into my belly every time. I found out things that only I would know. The crazy part is she thought I was another gifted Psychic coming to her for clarity on my readings I performed on myself. I’ll talk about this in a later posts. 🙂 The numbers that showed in my readings were 8s, 1s, & 5s galore. I took my readings for what they were even though I was completely shocked on the details I received based on what I already had a clue about. 

A few weeks later…

I started to see 5s I didn’t know were around until someone in public would emphasize on the number. For instance, 3 days in a row I received 3 different people emphasizing on the number 5. The one that stood out the most on day 3 was when a Cashier at Target was making it very clear on the two FIVES she was giving me on cash back, because she was running low on tens. That was when I was both excited & scared! I knew something was going on! If you’re unfamiliar with the number 5, it simply mean “change” is coming. With 5s, it can be a good or bad change. In my life, so far it’s been nothing, but positive changes. These changes weren’t comfortable, but were blessings to help me embrace the journey ahead. 

When I started to see 1s, I was scared all over again. This is because the 1s were showing in 1:11, 11:11, 111, 1111, 11111. Yes, these ones were every where and for great reason! I saw 8s  with people I’m connected with and a little hear and there, but in my readings, the 8s always popped up to remind me of my journey. 

Here’s why I saw these two numbers together…

The first reason is I was having a spiritual awakening. 11:11 is one sign of this awakening. I realized I was no longer running from my destiny. I closed so many chapters in my book. I forgave and asked for forgiveness where needed. I no longer found a reason to be upset with anyone or anything from my past. I literally stopped living in my past and was ready for a new beginning. I honestly was able to lift all the old baggage off of my shoulders & prepare to live a more fulfilled life. 

In addition to the seeing these 1s (spiritual awakening), I was reminded that I connected with my Twin Flame/Twin Soul this lifetime. This was confirmed and mentioned to me during my first card reading. This is why I was seeing the number 8 for completion accompanied by 1s. I just found out what a Twin Flame soul mean and it’s been an interesting journey ever since. I will discuss this in a later as it unfolds.

It just amazes me how magnificent numbers really are! When I start to question myself or become frustrated on my life’s journey, I would see a combination of numbers that tell me exactly what I need to hear at the perfect time. That put a smile on my face every time. 🙂

These numbers are a beautiful thing! 

This is why it is so important to pay attention to the world around us. It’s so easy to be distracted with life, but it is so rewarding when we step into our truth and follow the signs from the other side. This physical world is just a temporary place. We must reconnect with nature, our higher self & the numbers to remember why we were sent here. As my journey continue to unfold, I’ll share my story.

Until next time!

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