The Sneaky Names of Sugar + How Much We Should Consume Daily

I was originally going to create a social media post with all the sneaky names of sugar. As I researched, I found this interesting site that talks all about sugar. Plus, there is a list of over 50 names for sugar! Can you believe that? 50+ names used for sweetness? I’ll list all of those names here in this post.

Sugar tastes really good, but is so not good for us. The sad part about sugar is the average American consumes way more than needed on a daily basis. Sugar comes in simple things like condiments, drinks and so many other foods we eat. Check the labels on the back of the foods in your cabinets and refrigerator. You’ll see some form of sugar. 

How much sugar should we consume each day?

According to

Men should consume no more than 9 tablespoons (38g) of sugar. Women should consume no more than 6 tablespoons (25g), and children should have between 3-6 teaspoons (12-25g) depending on their age.

61 Names of Sugar:

Agave nectar

Barbados sugar

Barley malt

Barley malt syrup

Beet sugar

Brown sugar

Buttered syrup

Cane juice

Cane juice crystals

Cane sugar


Carob syrup

Castor sugar

Coconut palm sugar

Coconut sugar

Confectioner’s sugar

Corn sweetener

Corn syrup

Corn syrup solids

Date sugar

Dehydrated cane juice

Demerara sugar



Evaporated cane juice

Free-flowing brown sugars


Fruit juice

Fruit juice concentrate


Glucose solids

Golden sugar

Golden syrup

Grape sugar

HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup)


Icing sugar

Invert sugar

Malt syrup





Maple syrup



Palm sugar


Powdered sugar

Raw sugar

Refiner’s syrup

Rice syrup


Sorghum Syrup


Sugar (granulated)

Sweet Sorghum



Turbinado sugar

Yellow sugar

How many of these names you knew were sugar before this post?


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