What Is A Toner & When To Use One?

One of my biggest beauty pet peeves is seeing naked hair! If you’re unfamiliar with what naked hair is I’ll tell you. Naked hair is hair that has been prelightened aka bleached previously, but doesn’t have a toner (color over it). It exposes all the undertones of the hair. This isn’t hair color. Its naked hair! A toner is kind of like wearing sheer panty hose on naked legs. This isn’t in anymore, but you get my point. In my opinion, naked hair is so common, because people are “playing professionals,” & watch youtube videos of unlicensed individuals. Before I became a professional in this industry, I used to color my hair all the time. I would buy box dyes and be furious when I didn’t acheive the results I was looking for. I would get results, but it would never be what I wanted. 

One thing I’ve learned about hair color & the industry all together is I didn’t know ANYTHING until I went to beauty school and became a licensed professional. And when I graduated from beauty school close to 10 years ago guess what? I STILL DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING. It takes time perfecting the craft and gainng the actual experience. Trial & error is how to become great. You can’t become a Master Colorist or master of anything overnight.

What is a toner?

A toner is a temporary or semi-temporary hair color that goes over the hair. This adds color tones to the hair and neutralizes the hair color (if needed). If you’ve heard of a rinse that is one form of temporary hair color. It leaves a temporary color over the hair until it is rinsed out. depending on they of temporary color it can last one wash or up to a few weeks. It just really depends on what you and your professional are trying to achieve. For instance, if my client has a yellow toned hair after prelightening with bleach, a toner of the opposite color on the color wheel would take the yellow away. This make the hair a shade of beautiful blonde instead of yellow. This can only happen with the right formulation of color. In most cases, toners are applied to pre-lightened hair. 

So, if you have naked hair…

1.) Visit a beauty professional who offers color services & know their stuff. 

2.) If you have a helping hand from a licensed Stylist let them help you pick out the tones you need. Or…

3.) If you’re a do it yourself at all cost type of person head to your local beauty supply store & ask them to to lead you totemporary colors so you can put some color on!

If you’re unsure of how to do this, you can sign up for my mini personalized beauty guide! I’ll teach you what you need to do! Plans are going for 50% off right now. You can book this here!

Have questions or concerns? Contact me! 

Nisha Bee

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