Why I Stopped Wearing Bras

Well… I stopped wearing traditional bras. You know the ones with wires that promise to give the ultimate support? Yes. Its been two months now that I stopped wearing my cute bras that made my boobs look “amazing” & here’s why…

My bras caused so much pain!

I purchase all of my bras from Victoria’s Secret, because I always had a hard time just shopping for bras. They measure precisely for free & have the perfect size just for me. It’s hard to find a 36DDD in most department stores. 

Over time, I noticed my bras would dig into my shoulders. It didn’t matter if the bra was new or old, it would just happen. I wouldn’t have problems with the cups, because I had the right size, but the shoulder support was awful. I would feel the pain even more when I have on my purse strap and even a backpack. The straps started to leave bruises on my shoulders. 

My boobs were suffocating!

Almost every woman have that relief of removing their bra after a long day. This is how I felt on a consistent basis. I felt like my boobs were suffocating even though I felt I was doing the right thing. I was starting to feel so uncomfortable in my bras all the time. I would rather be free all day if I could. I needed a solution & fast.

I was over it & made the change

I decided to ditch the cute, wired bras with the straps that dug into my poor shoulder blades & wear the least attractive sports bra. Yeah the sports bra. But there are benefits to wearing it! 

With a sports bra…

The straps doesn’t dig into my skin. 

I forget about my boobs when I’m wearing it.

I can move in any direction I want & still be comfortable.

My upper body feels so much better without any distraction from straps and wires. Plus my posture is better.

Will I ever go back to wearing traditional bras?

Maybe… As long as no wires & thin straps are involved. I’ve been looking for cute wireless bras with broader shoulder straps (if that even exists). I love that bras make me look & feel sexy, but not at the cost of my health. I’ve found ways to still look & feel sexy by wearing waist beads. It really brings out the femininity in me. 

Instagram post of me 💪🏽♥️
Instagram post of me 💪🏽♥️

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