Self Healing? Yes. The Art of Healing

Have you ever wondered if your body had the natural ability to heal itself? Or have you been one to always believe in Western traditional medicine? If you’re a traditional person, there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of us were born and raised this way, so its easy to form these belief systems. 

I remember when my mother was in the hospital dying of cervical cancer. My family would always tell us to have faith that she’ll get better. Everytime I saw her I could clearly tell her the cancer was getting worse. She went from being a heavier set woman full of laughter & conversation. Next visit, her speech was different and she appeared smaller. I was actually excited for the weight loss, because I knew she wanted to lose weight. The next few visits before her death, she couldn’t speak, could only move her eyes, lost all of her hair and looked like a 70 year old woman. My mother passed one day after her birthday that year. She was 39. 

I remember all the prayers I personally made to the Lord. All the prayers at church. The prayers were complete gibberish, but I don’t blame them. They were doing what they’ve been taught. Pray and WAIT for a miracle. Praying and waiting in some cases should never exist. The whole key to not experiencing this is prevention. Another key is knowing how to manifest what we want in our lives. This reminds me of The Miracle Man, Morris E. Goodman. This man crashed a plane in 1981. He broke ever limb in his body. He couldn’t use the restroom, or eat on his own. He could only blink his eyes to the Doctors and Nurses who believed in their heart that he was a goner. Adios! Morris knew the power of his own mind and how to use manifestation from reading books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. After months of recovery and using the power of his mind, he was able to walk out of the hospital on his own two feet. 

Our body alone gives us so many chances to make it right. Many are stuck in their ways when it comes to poor belief systems and believing on an outside source when all the power lies within us. The Lord lives within us. We have the free will to make our lives better. This is why I left my ex last year in 2019. After so much toxicity, what can you do? Simply walk away. Walking away from this situation was the BEST thing I could’ve ever done. 

Back on my mother, if my father had a clue to how healing work, her fate may have been sealed a little differently. I have no regrets or hard feelings..but undestand this. 

This is the secret many won’t share with you.

The body has the ability to naturally heal itself through the right energy, the right living foods, physical exercise and a balanced mind. 

Take that nugget with you from this day forth and it will change your life. 

Going to the doctor for checkups is wonderful. Never stop doing this. Most importantly is realizing the body naturally heals itself. That is one of many awesome abilities our Creator gave to us in the physical when spending time in this three dimensional world. 

Understand you are a part of the Divine Creator, the Most High God and there is no need to externalize you energy. You are all that is needed to succeed and thrive successfully in this world. 

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Remember to live it up! Stay youthful regardless of your numbered age & live your best life! 

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