Story Inside: I Embraced My Psychic Gift

I used to be terrified of readings, psychics, and other things that appeared to be out of the norm most of my life. I always looked at them as entertainment. Horror used to be my favorite movie genre & paranormal movies like the Exorcist are still some of my favorite movies . My energy is a lot more sensitive now so I rarely watch this genre anymore. I used to always try to find messages throughout these movies all while being entertained.

The Entertainment industry is a programmatic system to alter the human mind

These movies about Witches, Medium Psychics, black candles, werewolves, casting spells, vampires, the crucifix coming to save the day & lots of murder played a toll on my personal beliefs. I noticed this has happen with many people. ‘Entertainment’ tends to disrupt us from reality. Due to this disruption, many get fact & fiction mixed up all the time. We watch scripts that someone created in their mind and wrote down. These writers then get funded & hire the most qualified actors/actresses to bring the fictional characters to life. If it’s a great movie, these pawns (actors/actresses) are paid top dollar and become Celebrities. Now they have the power to influence the world based on their own personal opinions and false belief systems. Some use their power to seriously educate in the right way. An example of this is the late, great Dick Gregory. I used to want to be an Actress & was told I would go far in the industry if I ever pursued it. I really started to became aware of how this really works. I chose not to be affiliated with such an industry.

This made me think about all of the overlooked real talent humans possess in the world & how someone could play a character and become rich from it. Now this opened up my mind to Ralph Smart’s quote, “The television tells lies to your vision.” This is why television: news, movies, shows, reality tv, & game shows are called programs, because they are simply ‘programming’ and altering the human mind to believe and think a particular way. What we are conditioned to think isn’t fact. It is not reality. It is someone else’s pure imagination.

The Baptist church opened my mind to the possibility Psychic knowledge

I can’t say being raised in a Baptist church changed my perception of psychics and metaphysical things. My grandmother, who was the pastor of our church until her passing, would have her best friend who is a Psychic (she’s still living), visit our church occasionally & she would prophecize events & personal situations to the members of our church. I never really believed she was telling the truth until she foretold a trauma in my life just one week after it happened. I was 13 at the time. I always wondered how she knew when at that time, no one knew what was going on.

Yes, I’m a Clairsentience & decided to embrace my gift.

I knew from a very young age that there was something different about me. When I was a child, I remember having the three abilities. I could see & hear things others couldn’t and always been sensitive to other’s energy. As I became older, I was able to predict the gender of babies including my own sons. I dreamed both of my sons would be boys before the ultrasound. I did this with others as well. I could feel shifts in the world including major events including the massacre that happened over 3 years ago at the Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas. I know when people are lying, trying to hide the truth, etc. I’ve always had these abilities and denied them for so long, because I was told they were demonic.

Could you imagine being blessed with a gift from the Lord at birth & humans saying its a curse? Why would someone be given such a special gift if it’s negative? The Lord doesn’t give us curses. We’re born with talents & GIFTS. The summer of 2020 when I had an emotional reading with a friend, who’s Clairvoyant, I promised myself I would always use my abilities my that moment forth. Most importantly, I made a promise to use them for the greatest good.

Being a Clairsentience, I heal people without trying to do so.

Before I fully embraced my gift last year, I used be bothered when people would just want to be around me for no apparent reason. Or at least I thought it was no reason. For years, I noticed people would come around me feeling down, frustrated, and so on just to leave feeling positive and ready for the world. After they leave, I wasn’t the happy person anymore. For so many years, I didn’t realize how their energy would come towards me. I was able to make others feel better for years without completely knowing why. When I looked into my life, I knew I always gave wonderful advice, but didn’t realize I was a energy healer. Until last year, I would take on this not so positive energy and think it was my own. When in reality, it didn’t belong to me. These days, I use different methods to dissolve the negative energy and not absorb it.

I’ve been healing my Beauty clientele for years.

As a Hair Stylist, I knew my energy affected my clients. While in my chair, it always seemed like they were at the Spa with me versus a busy Beauty Salon. I’ve had clients be upset, because I was making them too relaxed. On the bright side, I had customers were were loyal, paid me extremely well, & were very thankful for the experience I provided to them. I even had a client who told me I had healing hands & suggested I go into the medical industry to use my gift. I’ve been doing things to help and heal others long before I truly embraced my gift. I’ve even healed myself and children on countless occasions through massage and touch of an area that was in pain.

I’m now a proud Psychic Reader & Reiki Practitioner 🙂

I embraced this journey back in August 2020. Its been a short period of time, but when its your calling nothing can stop you. I feel like I’ve been performing readings for a long time. It feels good to consult the cards when guidance is needed. I prefer to live my life in real time, but find it to be extremely helpful. My readings I’ve done for others are accurate & have changed lives. I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards last summer and my life changed tremendously in a great way. I offer general readings & do everything out of pure love. There is no hidden agenda when you’re doing the right thing. When looking life in general, many people consult the cards. Some are private about it while others are open. Plus, it seems like those negative spirits automatically assume you’re a Witch if you pick up cards. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called this. It’s a pure shame to see how His-story & Entertainment has altered people’s minds when it comes to their beliefs. Being transparent, I find these sorts of people to be really pathetic and closed minded.

Since becoming a Reiki Practitioner, I’ve been able to awaken the healing energy within myself and others. Before pursuing Reiki, I wanted to experience a healing session first. I was sort of sold on the idea, but not completely sold. After just one Reiki session, I was able to dream again. Before this session, I stopped dreaming for months. I had aches and pains from driving in the car a lot. After just a few days all of the pains were gone. I felt wonderful again & I owe it all to my Reiki healing session. This is what made me take the leap of faith & become a Reiki Practitioner and Master. Its been one the best experiences in my life!

Negative relatives…

I received much negativity from relatives especially the men. I’ve been judged for years for wearing an Ankh necklace. No one cares to know what it means, but wearing an Ankh is an Egyptian symbol so its considered negative. I received the same behavior when I walked away from this non-denomenational church aka cult back in 2015. I was in that faith for 10 years. I’m enjoying the fact of distancing myself from those who are too brain washed & refuse to disect information for themselves. I spent the majority of my life playing small & being terrified of everything including my own shadow at times. I spent most my life repenting for being human. I spent my life letting others flick their fears on me just to watch me struggle while falling off of the straight line I tried to walk. These same individuals didn’t practice anything they were preaching. So I decided to live my own life while keeping my heart in the right direction.

Love conquers all…

Love is the number one emotion. Love is the strongest of them all. We must love and keep our vibrations up. Don’t be that person who says they’re so high & mighty just to spend their time bashing everything and everyone who sees life differently from them. Its okay to be different & evolve in the way we need to go. When we find our true divine path with the Lord, we have to operate love. I will continue to live a wonderful life while helping as many people as I can to live their best lives through beauty, healing sessions and guidance services.

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