Stop Searching For The Right Path

Are you on the right path?

As you may know, I started my journey close to 6 years ago now. I was exhausted, completely lost and didn’t really understand my path anymore. I was tired of doing what had never worked. I would always go back to what seemed familiar just to experience another heart break, being rejected, or hear that statement from relatives, “I told you so.”

When I walked away from everything knowing the Lord had my best interest at heart & was the only being, outside of myself who knew my heart, that was when my life changed. I must admit, it got really bad before it got better. Since stepping into my divine journey & purpose, I left my long term relationship, ended relationships with several friends who I felt were close to me, distanced myself from my closest relatives & somewhat had regrets for the new journey I was on.

Fast forward to 2021, six months after fully surrendering to my journey, my life is being aligned in a way I never thought was possible. Can you imagine having an awakening and having multiple epiphanies weekly or monthly frequently? In this past 6 months, I can honestly say I’ve become familiar with what it would normally take someone a lifetime to understand. When you surrender to your journey (your divine purpose) & build a strong connection with your higher power through self awareness/self love… from my experience, this is truly where the magic takes place! I believe our Creator is magical & blesses us in mysterious ways.

Anything is possible if you believe!

If you are ever lost in life, remember this…

1. Everything you need you already possess rather you believe it or not. I’ve been coaching people all of my life. I’ve always been the go-to person for advice and being resourceful. There were even times when I would help others climb up the ladder while I look up at their progress, because I was working on them more than myself. Now, I coach others through my business. You see, I possessed this since birth.I’ve was born with gifts that made me unique in my own right. I always used my gifts, but was considered weird or was told I looked too deep into situations. When my visions came to pass, people would either stop talking to me all together or say it was a coincidence. To use this gift today, I use my intuition through my tarot/oracle readings & coaching services.I earn money by helping others through my natural abilities. It doesn’t feel like work. I can do what I offer all day & night without ever feeling like I’m waisting time or my life. It’s even better after becoming a Reiki Practitioner. I’m building a lifestyle I never want to retire from. I truly love what I do!

2. Once we surrender to our divine purpose, everything else will fall in place at the perfect time.Believe it or not, the Lord loves you. We are both a physical & spiritual manifestation of God. Why would our Lord put us here on the planet with no direction? Why would we only read the bible to judge others, lived a controlled life or live in fear? There is so much more in the scriptures beyond the popular stories and beliefs we’ve been conditioned to follow. We are spiritual beings set out to live our best human lives while raising the vibration authentically through love! We are all here for a purpose. No one is here by mistake. What you good with? What are you good at? I bet you’re using these abilities on a daily basis without even knowing it. You don’t necessarily have to go into business like me, but understand that once you surrender to the true nature of who you really are, your life will make a miraculous change. Remember our Creator is LOVE! Every natural ability you have, it is time that you embrace it and live your best life. Surrender & let the Lord lead the way.

3. Your true purpose will attract everything you want, permanently.

Imagine the Law of Attraction on steroids. Imagine having all of your hearts’ TRUE DESIRES and the Lord will grant them for you, but not just for a season… but permanently for as long as you’re alive. This is not impossible as all things through our Creator are possible. You must shift your throughts, shift your world & go for your true desires. Live in your divine purpose to attract everything that is naturally aligned with you & for you. If more people knew this, there will be less violence, the divorce rate would be at an all time low, and people would life joyful and abundantly throughout their lives. It doesn’t matter what you see on the news, social media or what you hear from others.

I’ll be conducting a class in March on this topic. I will dive deep with all of my experience, resources & help you awaken the greatness you already possess. If you’re interested in this, please complete this form. I will contact you via e-mail or text with more details.

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