Drink the Right Water For Proper Hydration

There are soooo many waters to choose from! We’ve been taught to drink eight glasses of water each day for proper hydration. Some people go as far as drinking 1 entire gallon of water each day. These type of challenges were considered “smart moves” to get the best of our water intake. Now, how would you feel if I told you you were wasting your precious time, money and effort just drinking water in high quantities to stay hydrated? Yup, I said that! When there are so many waters on the market, all of them work for the same purpose right? WRONG!

Years ago, I started to learn the differences of water and which ones my family and I should drink. I was shocked to learn the water I feared the most was actually the best water I should be drinking on a daily basis. I learned there was a huge difference between what we’ve been programmed to think was healthy and what on truth is healthy for us. Here’s a break down of what I found out.

But first, here’s what you need to know about water.

1. The purest water comes directly from the springs, and it is here for all to drink. Many of us don’t live near a spring or know about them so we buy water hoping these companies have integrity with their products. In most cases, very few companies are honest so we must re-condition ourselves to question everything, conduct our own research and create a sound way of living to do what is best for our individual needs.

2. pH levels are life! The pH of water should be neutral at 7 to 7.9. Alkaline are usually 8 and higher. Acidic is anything below 7. An acidic body is open and/or prone to diseases, illnesses, and is always in a poor state. It is very important for the body to remain in a neutral state to remain healthy. An alkaline body is just as dangerous, because anything too good or too bad isn’t good for us. Remember, balance is EVERYTHING!

3. The proper use of water is the key to getting to the root cause of the very thing that makes up 70%-90% of the physical body. When we drink any kind of water, its like sweeping dust under the rug. When we focus on drinking water the right way, we build a better body and make life changing choices in the right direction.

Disclaimer: The information I’m sharing with you is for informational purposes only. To learn more about the best waters to drink consult your Physician.

If the human body is made up of 70% to 90% of water, why isn’t drinking a gallon of water a day good enough to fulfill this need? If you are drinking one gallon of water that isn’t the right water, you can be doing more harm than good. Here’s why:

Water labeled as “purified water” & “drinking water” is acidic and unhealthy.

If you’re a fan of Aquafina, Disani, Lfe Water, Smart Water, etc., you are wasting your time, money and doing more harm to your body than good. These waters come in cute bottles and are packed with chemical ingredients to make it taste pleasing when it reality it is not. These waters are not sourced from the Springs. They are sourced poorly to make money. These popular waters have been tested by many curious individuals who have created YouTube videos of the live tests they performed. The results will shock you. If you enjoy just picking up water and drinking it, now it the time to seek better water options.

Your tap water is healthier than most bottled water.

I lived in Nevada for 14 years. For the most part, the water doesn’t taste as refreshing as it would taste in Texas or Illinois where I reside now. We developed a habit of drinking bottled water, because we lived in the middle of a desert. When I was living in other locations, I used to read or hear that there was Fluoride in the tap water. I didn’t feel comfortable consuming Fluoride so I stopped drinking this water even in places where the tap water taste great. I would use tap water for cooking occasionally, but not often.

I still do not consume tap water unless I add fresh lemons & limes (to cleanse & purify the water) and fresh cilantro (to raise the pH levels). I recently saw this video (I will link it in the source section at the end of this post) that did a pH test on the tap water in Florida. The water fresh from the tap was pure alkaline water. Years ago, when we lived in Henderson, NV the water authority used to send out letters letting the residents know about the quality of our water ( I believe it was quarterly). Based on their tests, the water was always slightly over neutral (pH 7+). The water in our taps are healthier than most waters we buy. Shocking right?

Distilled water is the best water you could put inside of your body.

I live by distilled water and stand by it 1000%! That is not a typo. I used to think distilled water was bad and that it would kill me if I drunk it. Some years back, I came across this online forum where actual doctors were discussing the importance of distilled water. They discussed how it moisturized the organs in the body. When I speak about how distilled water works to people, I like to compare distilled water and the body to oil in a car. The oil in a car runs through the engine and other parts of the car to keep them lubricated so they can always work properly. This is exactly how distilled water works in the body. Distilled water puts moisture back in all of the vital organs and helps them to work more effortlessly. This is so beautiful and explains why the body is made of 70%-90% of water (because the organs need distilled water to stay moisturized and lubricated) and explains why Distilled water can kill you if used irresponsibly (it doesn’t hydrate you immediately). Its hydration for the organs.

There are so many benefits to distilled water as it gets to the root cause of issues in the body where hydration is needed. One amazing way to use distilled water is flushing and detoxing to help get rid of a UTI or bladder infection from your system. This water can flush the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. I use it every single time I’m faced with this issue. I always back it up with Alkaline water for immediate hydration.

Spring water & alkaline water is all you need for hydration on a as needed basis.

Based on what I just discussed about distilled water, you may now understand on how they body is filled with water. I even tried this test by noticing how the waters work in my system. When I drink high amounts of distilled water, I don’t need to run to ladies room as often. Its a different story when I drink Spring water and Alkaline Water. I go frequently. When our bodies are filled up with the proper hydration using distilled water, we only need Spring and Alkaline water when we’re literally thirsty and need immediate hydration.


When being hydrated properly, there is no longer a need to drink a gallon of water a day, nor purified or drinking water. There is no longer a need to drink water than isn’t serving you. I encourage you to do your own research on water. I live by these 3 waters on a daily basis and have done for the the past 6 years. They have changed my life! I encourage you to re-consider the way you drink water.


pH test of 25 popular waters brands

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