Here’s How I Lost 30 Lbs in 8 Weeks

I’m writing this post now, because I noticed I didn’t post my weight loss prior to my pregnancy here on my blog. I posted many images all over social media, but never shared them here on this platform. This blog is definitely my special place and I feel that if you’re on a journey to lose weight, it’s a great idea to research multiple options before sticking to the fads we hear about in main stream media.

Even though I’m expecting a little bundle of joy right now, I still wanted to share my weight loss journey prior to my current journey with you. In 2020, I was able to lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks using no weight loss products or popular diets. Just smarter decisions and commitment to the journey. The goal is always to create a lifestyle. Lifestyle changes should be long term. Its best to develop a lifestyle that is comfortable and produce results over searching for a quick fix. Plus when making lifestyle choices, its easier to get back on track if its necessary in the future. This is why its easier to lose weight, eat vegetarian or vegan meals and make other health aware decisions in my life. It’s all about building a lifestyle over diet plans, weight loss products and mainstream ideas that are always temporary. This is what has helped me maintain good health and wellness.

Here’s a pic of me comparing my weight loss from 2018 and looking forward two years in the spring of 2020.

Even though I gained weight, I was still happy, because my weight gain was heavier prior to these times. Instead of spending so much weight loss products, I decided to train my mind on discipline, set no goal dates and just let my body do what it was capable of. When we do right by our bodies, it naturally heals itself. That includes weight loss. Despite of what you see others do, heavy, intense exercise and/or eating unpleasant meals isn’t how you build a lifestyle. We all must so what is comfortable, healthy and take baby steps towards our goals. I would love to share with you what worked for me.

#1 Change Your Lifestyle Permanently

To be completely honest, I find it funny that many techniques that I observed as a young child are still in action today. Back in the day, I remember watching fitness programs on television, new diet plans that promised to help their consumers lose weight, AND keep it off for sure this time. Whats funny is each generation keep continuing the same circle of putting their health and wellness into someone else’s hands. Many have been unsuccessful. We need to make a tough decision which is committing to making a lifestyle change… permanently.

#2 Tackle Your Toughest Challenges First

I’ve been struggling with my weight off and on since I was 19 years old. When I graduated from high school and entered Corporate America that fall, I realized how easy it was to gain weight. I played sports all through high school so going to work Monday through Friday eating snacks, candy, and attending potlucks were doing more harm than good for me. Not to mention, I was still eating the way I did before I graduated which made life really tough for me. I literally would eat seconds if not thirds. When I did this while playing sports, the weight never used to stick to my body. When I transitioned to the Corporate world, I gained weight and fast.

My toughest challenges has always been overeating. Since making these lifestyle changes, whenever I feel like I need to lose some weight, I always start with my food intake. I knew I could exercise and start playing sports. However, If I took this approach, I knew I would get the same result. That result was not losing any weight, but I’ll gain muscle. I made the commitment to change my eating habits first.

I wouldn’t starve myself, but I did what was necessary. I would literally cut out all fake sugars and receive them only from sweet fruits, agave nectar, and raw honey. I let go of fried foods, pastries/donuts/cakes/etc. I would also add intermitting fasting. I would eat fruits like mangoes, pineapples, select bananas and apples from the time I woke up in the morning with a vegetable juice. I would have my first meal around 11:30 – noonish depending on how hungry I would be. For lunch, I would eat a big meal that wasn’t fried, and still had lots of nutrients. I would do the same for dinner.

#3 Add Exercise & Enjoy Your New Lifestyle

Within the first month of just changing my eating habits, I lost 20 pounds. Once I started to lose the weight, I can instantly feel the difference. When I’m losing weight, I start to feel heavy in certain areas. For instance, I will feel heavier in my tummy or thighs. I know I’ve lost the weight, because the scale would reader less and my clothes fit differently. After I lose the well needed weight, I then add light exercise. This includes walks, jogs, and light weight training. This literally makes the extra weight melt off easily.

So here’s a pic from the Spring of 2020 and in the fall of 2020. I looked and felt amazing!

This is a recent image of me last week @ 19 weeks. All baby 🙂

Do you have a lifestyle that works perfectly for you? Tell me about it in the comments! ♥️

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