How Self Reiki Sessions Helps Me During Pregnancy

27 weeks 5 days 💙

In 3 days I’ll officially be 28 weeks & in my third trimester! Kai (my baby boy) has been putting me through it with his little, but strong kicks. He has made sure to explore every single corner of my body and has no intentions on slowing down. He’s different from how I carried his older brothers. They were pretty high in my womb and enjoyed punching my ribs. On the other hand, this little guy is every where and my lower back is where he has fun. At this point, I would like to have my body back, but I’ll be patient for now. 🙂

Before I became pregnant, mini self reiki healings is what I practiced on a daily basis. Every morning, I would meditate, pray and then enjoy a mini self reiki session before starting my day. After being aware of my pregnancy, I started to fall back on the sessions. I wasn’t sure if the healings would be too much for him. Based on the tests done, he’s a healthy baby, but I didn’t want to over do anything.

When I made it to my 19 weeks, I found myself in the ER due to my round ligaments. The stretching of my uterus was causing severe pain every single time I felt him more or I had movement in my digestive system. After being in the hospital for 5 hours, I was sent home in the same condition I arrived. I decided to do self Reiki, because it was the only way that could possibly relieve me at that time The right side of my round ligament was swollen and was very uncomfortable to the touch.

As a natural Healer, I’m perform specific sessions on myself which targets . After this first session during pregnancy, the swelling on my lower right side decreased to its normal size, and I was able to have normals BMs. Now at 27 weeks, I haven’t had this pain nor digestive problems in over 2 months.

In addition to this experience, here are 4 other ways self Reiki Healings have helped me during my pregnancy.

Reiki calms and relaxes my mind from the outside world.

I sleep better at night.

I have more energy in the morning.

Relieved my swollen ankles after sitting for long periods of time.

Helps me and baby Kai’s bond become stronger.

To learn about Reiki healings, you can schedule a consultation here.

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