Product Review: Nabla Vicious Mascara @ Morphe

Morphe is one of my favorite cosmetic stores for eye shadows, foundation and concealor. If you would like to learn more about Morphe your can click here to visit their site.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in need of mascara. After purchasing a Mabelline mascara from Target, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality and more important the brush. So I was on a hunt for a good product that I could make my new favorite mascara.

Morphe locations are a little scarce here in Chicago compared to other cities. In Dallas, TX I can visit NorthPark Center or Galleria Dallas to shop at their locations which are directly in the city. Here in Chicago, the only location in the city is downtown at the Water Tower Place. The rest are a minimum of one hour away from the city. Their products are sold at Ulta Beauty, but the selection is limited compared to the actual store.

When it comes to Morphe, I enjoy the store experience. The Sales Associates are educated on the products and in mosts cases are Make Up Artists. I have always been satisfied with the service I receive.

This was my first time purchasing Mascara from Morphe. The Associate showed me three of the mascaras they carry with Vicious being their top tier product in store, and the one she recommended. Its like she was reading my mind when she said, “This brush grabs every single lash.” I tried Vicious along with Make It Big. Using the tester product, Make It Big was okay, but I like how Nabla’s Vicious felt on my lashes. The product was smooth and I was excited to use it once I made it home.

Here are the pros…

Does it grab every lash? Yes. I love how the combination of the brush and mascara is able to grab literally every single lash. The Sales Associate was right about this.

My lashes with a cheaper brand of mascara in this everyday, simple look.
This is my lashes wearing Nabla’s Vicious Mascara

Now the cons…

Does it add volume and length? It all depends. When I wear this mascara, It starts off adding length & volume, but wears off overtime.

Does it dry fast to prevent smears? No. It takes a while to dry.

It is waterproof? Nope. If you have sensitive eyes like me, this product isn’t for you.

Why do my lashes still look short in the image above? Adding layers of this Mascara causes excessive smears and clumps on my lashes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this mascara a 2. From my experience, I was disappointed to buy a product that came in such pretty packaging from Morphe. Like thats it. The bottle is cute. The box is cuts. The product was unacceptable especially to be named a top product. Morphe has been known for selling great products . To have this in their stores and for the price gives me a different view of the company. I’ll just stick to what I know they are good with. That is palettes & foundation.

Do I recommend this product? No I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have you tried any of Morphe’s products? How was your experience? Which products do you like best?

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