Benefits of Breastfeeding & Why It’s The Best Choice For Baby

A couple of weeks ago, I took a breastfeeding class, because I wanted to know the options available for my unborn son. I haven’t had a newborn in 14 years so all of this is new, but familiar to me. I’ve been learning as much as I can so I could make the best health choices for my little guy. One key thing I’m starting to learn about America (the U.S.) is that many of us want more natural options and will do what it takes to get them. Before this class, I was looking online at infant formula and was amazed to see how many options were available. After learning the benefits of nursing, it is now the number one choice for me.

I had my two older sons when I was in my early 20s. In the early 2000s, as a young mother it was easier to just go with the flow of how the medical industry say we should raise our kids. Some of those options I didn’t feel comfortable with, BUT pushed through as it seemed like the only choice. For instance, I nursed both of my sons for a very short period of time, because work and sending a baby to daycare facilities were considered normal. Another reason was breasts are oversexualized and considered the property of men. I remember how some husbands and boyfriends were jealous about mom nursing baby. Men were conditioned that “breasts” were their property. They weren’t for the woman nor baby. I’m happy society has shifted for the better in this department.

These belief systems haunted me as I felt obligated to go the naturally unfamiliar, but traditional route. My oldest, now 16 was on Soy-Based formula as he had negative side effects from dairy. My second son, now 14 didn’t have any side effects from dairy until he was about 5 years old. He was on Dairy-Based formula as an infant. I’m proud to say that it has been close to 10 years since my sons and I consumed dairy milk.

Now, planning to be a new mother in my late 30s I know what I want for my son and will not settle for anything less. Offering my natural milk to my baby is the best and only option for us. I’m confident with this decision, because I never had problems producing milk in the past. I have a few friends who are in close age range as me who are nursing and their experiences encourage me by knowing its whats best for the both of us.

Before I go into the benefits for both baby and mama here’s what I have to say about this topic. This isn’t to make anyone feel uncomfortable for their personal choice. I just wish I was stronger and wiser with my older sons as I am with the new addition to our family. Whatever your choice may be you have no judgement from me.

Like I mentioned above, it has been close to 10 years since my sons and I drank dairy millk. As a simple reminder, dairy milk comes from cows. It is naturally produced in a cow’s breasts to feed her calf when he or she is born. It saddens me to see how milk has become a false necessity to our society for pure profits. They added vitamins to make it appear to be better than it really is for humans. So many can not proccess this in their bodies. Dairy milk causes many digestive problems and causes a build up of phlegm in the body. Phlegm/mucus is the start to many illnesses and diseases. In many cases, calves are taken from their mothers after birth and do not receive the proper nutrition they need. This precious liquid, naturally created for baby cows is in supermarkets around the country, and available to humans to consume when it was never created for us.

Human mothers produce breast milk for their babies naturally. Some may try to counter this by saying some moms are unable to produce milk. In some cases, babies do not like its mother’s milk. There are solutions in both cases for mothers who face these circumstances. The truth is this is a small percentage of mothers who face these challenges. Baby departments should not be flooded with dairy milk products as our precious human babies are not cows. Shelves should be flooded with products and tools to assist mothers to do the most natural gift her body was designed to do effortlessly. That is give birth and nurse her baby the way our Creator intended for her to do with little help. Now, lets jump into the benefits of nursing.

Check out these priceless, precious benefits for baby.

Babies who are breastfed…

  1. Have an increase in immunity
  2. Are less gassy and constipated
  3. Have a lower chance for obesity
  4. Have proper jaw and mouth development
  5. Increased IQ scores
  6. Priceless bonding time with mama
  7. Lower incidences of SIDS
  8. Reduces Colic (nursing babies cases are extremely low compared to formula babies)
  9. Decreased risks of childhood illnesses

Priceless Benefits For Mama

  1. Decrease in postpartum “flow”
  2. Faster & easier weight loss (mothers lose an average of 500 calories a day)
  3. Reduces feminine related cancers (when nursing 9+ months)
  4. Reduces the risks of postpartum depression
  5. Decreased risk of Osteoporosis
  6. Priceless bonding with baby

As you can see, mothers have amazing benefits that can never be replaced. Mama’s milk gives her baby everything he or she needs including anibodies & vaccines from immunity mom as already received. How do you feel about the benefits of breastfeeding? Start a conversation!

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