Facts About The Color Black

Updated May 7, 2022

I’ve been studying the spiritual meaning of colors for over well over a year. I wanted to share this with you, because so many people love the color black. We wear it, use it as an identity, and attract this color without even knowing what it means. I’m not going to give you the simplicity meaning of this color such as void, dead, dark, etc., because many of us already know this. What I want to do is give you a real meaning of what this color symbolizes on a spiritual level as it is more important than the typical meanings around the color black.

What does the color “black” mean spiritually?

Before I dive into this, black is a beautiful color and has a strong, positive meaning behind it. However, when this color is used inappropriately on a daily and continous basis, it does way more harm than good.

Black is protection

Yes, black is wonderful for protection. Black can be used in many ways. I have 2 ways I like to use black for protection. I use this color is by carrying black healing crystals with me. I will put them in my pocket or purse for added protection throughout the day. Second, I prefer to use black healing crystals when performing readings. This added layer of protection works like a charm every time. We can use this color to create wonders in our lives.

Black absorbs negative energy

The color black absorbs negative energy, literally. This color is very, very powerful and can work wonders when used correctly. I do not agree with calling a human race “black,” because the individuals who accept this as an identity open themselves up to absorb negative energy. This was all created by design. When I look at individuals I share this race with, many, and I mean many are so confused, and overall negative. When looking at the color black from a spiritual point of view, it makes sense, right?

Black is a powerful healer

Black heals in miraculous ways. Think of activated charcoal. This is one very powerful ingredient on earth. Healing crystals are created by Mother Nature as well as charcoal. Due to crystals, gems and rocks coming from earth, they can heal too. For instance, Black Toumaline, the crystal I mentioned above has healing energy help balance and ground oneself. These are just two amazing ways to see the color black in a new way.

If you’ve followed me for years, you may wonder, Kenisha why do you wear so much black?

In all honesty, the color Black is considered standard in the Beauty industry which is bad. Most salon environments require Beauty professionals to wear black as its considered “classy” and “formal.” After being in the beauty industry for over 10 years I understand why there is a lit of confusion in these environments.

Black should not be worn frequently nor part of someone’s every wardrobe.

As I mentioned above, black absorbs negative energy. As I’ve evolved spiritually, I’ve learned that wearing black as a color only draws negative entities to you. For instance, wearing black undergarments can attract negative entities like reproductive conditions. Black shirts can attract digestive, heart and kidney problems. This is why many around the world are toxic. Clients comes in with their own baggage. This could be something simple like insecurities, because it is time for a touch up. Insecurity is a powerful entity that the Stylist, who is wearing black can absorb. Can you imagine how the Stylist feels at the end of the day after dealing with client after client and his/her coworkers’ energies? If you’ve been in a beauty salon that feels tainted, and a dress code of all black is enforced this is why the area is tainted. This is how energy works.

All colors are amazing, but remember it is how we use them. It is also important to understand why we are attracted to certain colors. Black has a not so nice side to it (like all colors), but from this post, you can see there are three reasons to start loving the color black and using it accordingly.

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